Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tower of Terror - Main Entrance Photos

Hello fellow adventurers and adventurettes. I have been a bit indisposed of late and apologize for the drop in daily posts. Hope to have the situation under control soon, but bear with me.

A great way to post quickly without having to engage in deep thought is to fire up some random park photographs.

Today we "drop in" on the Tower of Terror over at that other park across the way.

If you do not find the theming of this attraction to be on point and top notch, perhaps you have consumed a bit too much of Trader Sam's world famous Juju Juice (oh, my head!).

The fan window over the main entrance doors seems to imply some sort of "elevator" theme. I don't get it.

Next we find one of the tables in the lobby where a couple of guests left---apparently in mid-game and mid-drink. At least one was a smoker if the ash tray to the right is any indication.

The main lobby's ceiling is neatly detailed in the diamond square motif, betraying a Moorish influence and hearkening back to California in the 1920s.

We move to the main lobby fireplace and find comfortable club chairs. A doctor appears to have left his satchel behind, where it has been gathering dust and cobwebs like the rest of the place. The owl in the foreground is ominous, especially when set against the dead flowers around its base. It reminds me of one of Norman Bates' taxidermy specimens from the Bates Motel in Psycho. Someone left their trench coat draped over the check-in counter. These guests must have left in a hurry.

Next, a closer view of our owl friend, with the fireplace in the back ground. Looks like the grate of the fireplace is mirroring the elevator motif of the main entrance window. Love the Hollywood Tower Hotel monogram on the tapestry over the fireplace.

Finally, the front counter, with the hat, umbrella, trench coat and guest registry book left by someone in the middle of check-in. Love the fedora.

My youngest daughter loves this attraction. She has been riding it from the moment she met the height requirement. It is pretty funny to watch a tiny blonde girl boldly striding to her seat in the elevator while certain grown adults around her are looking more than slightly terrified.

When the TV set in the library bursts to life after the lightning strike and the lights have gone out, you are really pulled in to the "Twilight Zone." I sure do miss old Rod Serling. What a writer! It amazes me the acting talent that graced the Twilight Zone series, from a young Robert Redford, to Telly Zavalas, to Burgess Meredith, to Sebastian Cabot ("Jungle Book" fans will recognize his voice), to Sterling Holloway (the voice of "Winnie the Pooh"), to Andy Devine, to Carol Burnette (yes, THAT Carol Burnette), to Burt Reynolds.

Tower of Terror is one of the newer attractions at California Adventure that I can endorse without, pardon the pun, "reservation."

Have a great day, wherever you may be!



Connie Moreno said...

Love, love, love that attraction! Say, what happened the other day with your post? I couldn't not access it.

JG said...

Wow, now I feel bad for skipping it. We were visiting with nieces and it looked either too scary, or too disappointing (like almost everything in DCA).

Next time!


Okie said...

I have (sadly) not been to Tower of Terror in California....on our last trip to Disney, my kids were a little too scared to try it and we spent most of our time at DLR instead of DCA.

But I do remember my first experience with the Tower in WDW MGM Studios more than a decade ago. I have always loved Disney's attention to detail. I absolutely LOVED the work done at Tower of Terror. The ambiance is amazing and there are so many subtle intricacies everywhere. Thanks for the pictures and the memories.

Unknown said...

Love this ride :) Each time I ride it I get off with shaky hands. Haha!
Hey, is it true that if you listen at the wall with the paint on it in the boiler room, you can hear a woman's voice asking for help?

Cory Gross said...

Great photoessay! I love the Tower of Terror... Quite a feat considering that I hate drop rides. I wouldn't go within a hundred metres of this if it was wasn't for the absolutely brilliant theming. I want to STAY in this hotel!

At the very least, it did get me to watch the original Twilight Zone TV series and I love it!

Wurlitzer Heart said...

truth? I'm still a little afraid to go on tower of terror. i'm not much of a daredevil, and it looks just a little too high-octane for me! I always feel kinda dumb when i see eight year olds rushing to the entrance and i'm hesitating to get in line. :)

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