Monday, August 25, 2008

Disneyland - Parking Lot - Circa 1970

A certain future Jungle Skipper brought his fashionable mom to Disneyland a while back.

It appears from the photograph that the old Grand Hotel was still standing.
It was later imploded by Disney.

It also appears that the Disneyland parking lot was still in place.
It was later "improved" by Disney.

As for the plaid pants, thankfully, unlike Disneyland, there are some things in life that you do grow out of.

Disneyland - Department 951 - Adventure/Frontier Attractions 1987

In 1987, getting hired into Department 951 at Disneyland was a good thing.

It has been reported on many job hunting and career-coaching websites that a large number of Americans list "Jungle Cruise Captain or Skipper" as one of the jobs they would most like to have---if money were no object.

Indeed, there was even a contest in which people auditioned for a chance at the "Dream Job" of becoming a Jungle Cruise skipper.

Some of us were fortunate enough to get the job through the old "apply and interview" process.

Here is one of the documents you would have received as part of your packet of information when you hired into Department 951 back in the 1980s. Of course, many Disneyland cast members from that time period will read these excerpts with fond memories of "Harbor House" and the old time cards and punch clock located there.

I was given a reminder card for a couple of my shifts as an Adventure/Frontier Attractions Host in Department 951. Looks like I was working a 1:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Parade shift on a Sunday and a Thursday shift at Tiki Room. I guess I could call over to extension 4695 and confirm!
Also attached to your packet in 1987 would have been one of these cards announcing Disney Dollars and how to treat them. I remember handling tons of Disney Dollars while working the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade. I wore my Big Thunder costume and was assigned a money belt. I would make change, give refunds and show the guests that you really could shoot down all the cars of the wagon train in one pass---if you had hours of practice as a cast member!
I do not believe I have a single Disney Dollar in my possession today, but I sure handled enough of them during shifts at the Shootin' Arcade.

I can still drop the targets like a seasoned rifleman thanks to many slow hours and my ability to provide unlimited resets to the guns in my days as a cast member! My favorite target: the old mine---I love the explosion in the mine and the little ore cart that darts out around the bend after you hit the bullseye!