Thursday, August 25, 2011

Disneyland - Trader Sam's - World Of Color and General Trifles

I finally made it to Trader Sam's tiki bar over at the Disneyland Hotel.  Several times, actually.
The bar looks like the Jungle Cruise crashed into the Tiki Room --- what's not to love?
Tiki drinks, Disney style.
Order a Shipwreck or an Uh-oa.
The bar lights up with special effects.
One of them made possible from fellow blogger Kevin Kidney - who designed the "ship in a bottle" above the bar.  It is a replica of a certain ship floating down in the caverns of the Pirates of the Caribbean.
Here's Kevin's post about his (and Jody Daily's) involvement.  Once again, Kevin and Jody are amazing!
The Shipwreck drink itself?
I heartily endorse the Uh-oa.
After a couple of these, you soon echo the sentiments of our dear friend Koro, the midnight dancer:
"Today my magic feet no move.  My head sore.  But last night all tiki gods had BIG time.  SOME luau!  When drums begin to pound, (your) head full BIIIIG SOUND!"
Some views of the interior of Trader Sam's are set forth below for your edification and enjoyment.
The bar is cozy.  There is a porch outside the bar, but it is pretty warm during the day.  I would probably wait until dusk or evening before taking a seat out there.
 The "ship in a bottle" is on the shelf above the liquor bottles near the center of the photograph.
From our table just inside the entrance doors, here is the view looking toward the west wall of Trader Sam's.  Lamps, tiki totems, Jungle Cruise photos and bamboo are a banquet for the eyes of an old skipper and West-sider.  It's a good thing this place wasn't around back in the 1980s.  2/3rds or more of our opening crew would have never made it into work!
Along the walls are plenty of framed prints and pseudo-mementos, such as the example below.   
Overall, Trader Sam's is worth a visit (or five)---especially if you are staying on site and don't need to drive home!  Be sure and stop by.  Give Sam my best!
Great bartender.
Bit of a head case.
A real "people person" though.
Not a vegan.
He really wants to serve you.
So, don't get too close to the large kettle in the back.

As I mentioned in my last post, we stopped by the "other" park and actually sat down to take in World of Color.  Staying at the Grand Californian, we were able to be the first into the park to get FastPasses for the event.  We got the "Blue" section and, thanks to a hot tip, we were told the best spot to take in the show was along the bridge that leads across the water towards Ariel's Grotto.
I snapped the shots below from our vantage point on the bridge as evening fell upon us.
We were treated to a gorgeous sunset. 
 Once evening set in, Mickey shone brilliantly from the - ahem - Ferris Wheel ("Don't worry, Lilly, my Park isn't going to be dirty like a carnival.").

And here is a shot of the World of Color show in progress---as you can see, we had some of the best seats in the house---short of grabbing a table at Ariel's Grotto.
World of Color hints No. 1, 2, 3 and 4:

1.  Stay at one of the resort hotels---preferably Grand Californian---you get into the Park early (if you are there on the right day) so you can be among the first to get WOC FastPasses.

2.  Get in line EARLY at the hotel entrance gate for California Adventure (just past the Napa Rose in the Grand Californian).  The line presently forms before DCA opens.
THERE (in line for the hotel entrance to DCA).

3.  As for the show itself - GET TO THE SHOW AREA EARLY.  Get to the rope at the bridge leading to Ariel's Grotto (between the Little Mermaid attraction and Ariel's Grotto) well, well, well BEFORE the scheduled showing of World of Color that you are attending.  Be among the first along the rope so you can pick out your spot when it drops.  Hold hands.  Cling to each other.  The massive horde behind you WILL stampede you and tear at your party like charging bull elephants.

4.  Bring a blanket or two to lay out on the ground and mark your spot (anything that can help you stake out territory from all the "last minute Larrys" who WILL inevitably show up just before showtime and try to hone in on your personal space).

That is all for now, dear readers.
You guys are fabulous!
Keep up the good work!