Thursday, April 24, 2008

Secret Tiki Bathrooms

If you are hip to the Adventure/Frontier experience, you should know about the public restroom located just to the left of the entrance doors to "Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room" attraction. It's like your own private restroom in the middle of Disneyland. Very few guests know its there. Heck, very few Cast Members know about it for that matter.

Say it is about 110 degrees out and it is the middle of July and you (for some unknown reason) are actually in the Magic Kingdom with 65,000 of your closest friends enjoying a little theme park excitement.
You need to use the facilities but everywhere you turn you find lines out the door. Before clamoring to City Hall to demand FastPasses to Disney restrooms, chill out and head over to the Tiki Room. Breeze knowingly past the bleary-eyed and sweaty guests languishing in the Tiki Gardens waiting in line for Dole pineapple whips. Walk up the steps and slowly disappear into the doorway to your left. Pick the appropriate door for your gender, of course. You will likely find a small, empty restroom, all to yourself. A cool blast of air conditioning will drift over you as you enter. Relax. Chill. Remember, if you didn't know about his already, you heard it here first.