Thursday, September 2, 2010

Disneyland - Pedestrian Traffic Escapes - Main Street's Secret Weapons

When the fireworks end and the masses trod down the center of Main Street toward the exit gates, or when a parade is in full swing, you can either join the herd or seek out alternative routes.
I am always amazed how few people take advantage of the shops along both sides of Main Street in order to avoid, or at least partially avoid, the pedestrian traffic nightmare.
If you are on the east side of the street, making your way down from the Hub, stick to the far left. Enter the doorway between the old Carefree Corner and the Baby Center and walk through the shops until you hit Center Street east.
Cross Center Street and enter the Market House.
Cut through the Disneyana shop next door and jump back out onto Main Street through this shop's entrance. Hang a left and keep heading toward Town Square.
If it is really packed, you can even jump in the doorway at the Magic Shop and continue through the corner shop and out onto Town Square.

For those of you trapped on the West Side of Main Street, pop into the Candy Shop at the Coke Corner north entrance, stay along the back wall and then cut left into the ice cream shop. A hard right through the Blue Ribbon Bakery takes you out onto West Center Street (with the Carnation Cafe to your right). Make another hard right before the Clock Shop and a left into the Emporium Mall (at the 102 West Center Street entrance). Walk through the mall, staying to the right, until you hit the Emporium. Make another right past the hat display and through the back of the store toward the exit that leads out onto Town Square near the Fire Station.
Heck, you're almost to your car!

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