Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disneyland - Walt Stamps - Mickey Mouse Club - 1985-ish Mike

From the Jungle is "101" archival box under the bed, we have located the following gems.

The stamps on the envelopes above provide a happier memory of September 11th than we are stuck with today.  The official USPS Walt Disney stamp's first day of issue was on September 11, 1968.  Somehow, I ended up with three pristine examples of the stamp on the envelopes seen here (click on the image for a closer view).  I found this great article by Wade Sampson over at MousePlanet, which provides you with the historical background of the stamp shown here.  Note that the envelopes also bear the Marceline, Missouri post office mark.  If you do not immediately perceive the significance of this, know that Marceline was Walt's "home town" growing up---though he was not born there.
I also came across a photo print that was given to me by a family friend who had long ago been married to one of the original Mouseketeers, Don Agrati.  That's Don next to Linda.  Don went on to do other things, including a stint on the classic TV show My Three Sons.  Anyway, the photo is in excellent condition and shows Walt and the Mickey Mouse Club cast on one of Walt Disney Productions sound stages in the mid-1950s.  Go ahead and click on the photo and get a close up view.  If you look closely, you'll see that Walt is sporting his "Smoke Tree Ranch" tie.  Here's a link to Smoke Tree Ranch for more information on Walt's association with this place.  

Last, but not least, let's beam back to 1985-ish for a picture of this blog's author (in response to the many requests received for an '80s view of my mug).  As can be seen, "Preppy" clothing was "In."  I'm still digging the green Izod with its famous alligator logo.  The Mickey Mouse watch was a mandatory accessory for this cast member (still is, in fact).  This photo was taken in Palm Springs on a Spring Break get-away with a group of about 15 Day Custodial cast members.  Oddly, the US Postal Service has yet to grace a stamp with my likeness.  That's okay by me, since the new protocol apparently requires me to have been dead for 10 years before they issue a stamp of me.  I'll pass.

That's all I have for you today, kids!  Have a wondrous day wherever you are and whenever you read this!