Saturday, June 14, 2008

Disneyland - 30th Anniversary Passport - Mike Fink Keel Boats - Sunken Raft To Tom Sawyer's Island

Back in 1985 the Big D turned 30 and I must say she looked pretty good given the mileage. I remember working Main Gate as a sweeper. There was a long display of GM vehicles that guests could win if they were lucky enough to hit the jackpot. I'm not sure if a 1986 Fiero was all that much of a grand prize, but it beat the heck out of a plush Goofy. Anyway, there's a ton of stuff out there on the 30th Anniversary. I share my slice of Disneyana in the form of this authentic 30th Anniversary Passport (dated June 23, 1985---a little less than a month from Disneyland's actual 30th anniversary date---July 17, 1955---I worked Main Street that day!).
Since we are cruising down Memory Lane like it was the Rivers of America, it is fitting and just that I should drop in a photo of my mom and me (circa 1970). We are aboard the now defunct Mike Fink Keel boats. Ah, the Gullywhumper, how we miss you!
Fortunately, I wasn't on the Rafts to Tom Sawyer's Island when the following mishap occurred. When I was working at Disneyland in the 1980s, swamping or sinking rafts was not all that unusual. This is not to say that swamping was ever intentional, but some cast members were fond of maximizing the number of guests on board before making the attempt to cross the Rivers of America. The slightest wake during the crossing would quickly splash over the deck of the raft and the guests would soon have moist ankles. Doh!