Friday, July 25, 2008

Disneyland 1987 - The "Disney Look" For Cast Members

Well, Disneylanders, if our time machine has dropped us in 1987 and we want to work at the Park, let's make sure that we at least meet the grooming requirements. To help you in this process, please review the brochure below entitled The Disney Look. I actually worked with several of the folks pictured in these pages, by the way. See anyone you recognize?

[By the way, it took WED's resources and a talented team of Imagineers to develop and maintain Robert's hair---pictured above. It's hard to find that kind of Disney magic today].

Disneyland Cast Members 1987 - Outdoor Vending Yellows; The Disney Look

An earlier poster, "Yellows," from Outdoor Vending ("ODV" for you few Disneyphiles who might be out of this loop) recalled her costume and this made me run and dig up my 1987 version of "The Disney Look," the Cast Member manual that set out Disney's expectations for maintaining your costume and appearance while On Stage. The young woman in the photograph above represents not only "The Disney Look," but also demonstrates the yellow costume worn by ODV types in the 1980s and earlier. It is clear that this shot was taken in or near Matterhorn Alley, just east of the Hub (the benches in the background give it away---as well as the fact that most balloon vendors were stationed near the Hub and, of course, Town Square, when they were on Main Street). The Yellows were often the subject of moaning and ridicule by Cast Members who wore them, but, looking back, those costumes were bright and friendly and tres Disney. I dare say that the polo shirt was a bit more comfortable than the thin, starchy custodial whites. On the other hand, Day Custodial's white cotton pants were quite comfortable and forgiving come July and August, I must say. My next post will be an upload of the 1987 "Disney Look," for those who did not have the good fortune to attend the Disney University back then (and for those who DID but forgot to keep their New Cast Member materials!).