Monday, October 11, 2010

Disneyland - Trip Photos for the Jungle is 101 Crew!

I made it to the Park this past Sunday and snapped a few photographs (since I remembered my camera for once).

I've been a bit busy this week, so this post is a cheat. Very little thought.
Even less humor.

Mostly just pictures.
You get the idea.

To our right, the world famous, stupendous, absolutely amazing---Backside of the Castle!
Actually, in the twilight it looked amazing. My little digital barely did it justice.

Next, I offer a shot of one of those tucked away places in the Park that many folks miss or ignore.

This is the west entrance to Fantasyland. You come to this location from Plaza Gardens.
Used to be, you could enter Tinkerbell Toy Shop just to the left (and out of the photograph).

Again, as twilight was settling in, the colors in this area were interesting and the light above the passageway made all the more warm and inviting.
And look! No people!

Speaking of no people, here is a shot of the Plaza Gardens seating area just north of the stage and bandstand.

Grab a seat! There are plenty.

It seems they should put a restaurant here.



They did.

Ok, then, it seems they should put it back!

My next photograph captures the magic time between afternoon and evening, when the sky darkens and the Park's lights come on.

The Plaza Gardens canopy and stage were nicely lit, so I took a picture without a flash.

Again, there weren't many people around.

The next pictures come from an area near and dear to me.

The first is the Indiana Jones expedition dock area along the banks of the Jungle Cruise.

This is where you'll often see the first "sign of Danger" in the Jungle.

Professor Henry Jones apparently has a shipment ready for pick up.

Next, we have a shot through the brush of the Monkey God temple.

It used to be more of a focal point before Indy went in and changed the course of the river. Now you kinda blow past it without really seeing it clearly.

Below this picture is a shot taken downriver of a Jungle boat as it makes the turn into the Sacred Bathing Pool of the Indian Elephants.

I like the dark green shadows at this time of day.

Makes everything look more...jungly.

Finally, we close with a photograph of the exit of Indiana Jones.

Talk about theming!

Looks like we've stepped out of one of Jones' digs in South America!

Start the plane!!
Start the plane!!

You get the picture.

Have a great day all!