Monday, January 16, 2012

Disneyland - Let's Get Specific

Heidi Ho, Neighbor!  Been awhile, I know.
Today in the Jungle we get specific.
And share photos from today's trek to the Park.

[DISNEY NERD ALERT: The next section is for Disneyland nerds---despite our best efforts to avoid such content, even we in the Jungle occasionally lapse into it---Disney Nerdville; it's a lot like the stuff you occasionally step into while exploring Water Buffalo habitat.  Anyhow, here it goes...]

Sure, you all know about Club 33, but upon what street is it located?

A:  Royal Street.  33 Royal Street, New Orleans Square, to be exact.  Meet you there at 6:30 p.m. for an icy Martini---dirty, of course.

Speaking of addresses, riddle me this, what is the address of the French Market?

A: 30 Orleans Street, but who's counting?  See below.
Oh yeah, well where would you find the Mint Julep Bar?

A: Front Street.  Located at the "back" of New Orleans Square, "Front" Street actually runs along the train tracks.  The Julep Bar is just west (past the stairs) of No. 15 Front Street.

What are the two (2) addresses for the world famous Cafe Orleans?

A:  The main entrance is at 20 Royal Street, but it also has the address of 42 Esplanade (the entrance to the restaurant's main patio, along the famed Rivers of America riverfront).

While we're on the subject, the Cristal d'Orleans is at 23 Orleans Street, just across from Mlle. Antoinette's Parfumerie (24 Orleans St.).

Here's a view of the ancient oak that resides in the planter at the northwest corner of the French Market, providing shade for a goodly chunk of western New Orleans Square.

Who "operates" the Jungle Cruise today?

A:  The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd (since 1911) - you'll see their sign between Jungle's main entrance and the Tropical Imports stand.

Who do you see in Adventureland if you're looking to be inked with an Oriental tatoo?

A: Prof. Harper Goff (he gives banjo lessons, too---also designed the Jungle Cruise, among other things).

 And as your heading up the stairs to see Prof. Goff, you can hang a right and see the old Jungle break area "porch" (pictured below).  Better get back to your rotation before your break window closes, or you may never get out of that boat once you get back in it!!
Pssstt!  Wanna see something really Bazaar?
Take a look across the street after exiting the Jungle Cruise.

Excuse me, but where in the Park will you find sconces like the one pictured below?  
 A: Inside Davy Crockett's Pioneer Mercantile Exchange.

Can you name the hat shop whose sign adorns the building next door to the Golden Horseshoe?

A: Crockett & Russel Hat Co. (Their coonskin cap logos are on either side of their name).

All right, a few more.

What will you find at 101 Main Street?

A:  The Emporium.

What store is located next door to the Emporium, at 107 Main Street?

A:  The Crystal Arcade.

What is the name and address of the shop directly across the street from the eastern entrance doors of the Emporium?

A: The 20th Century Music Company (106 Main Street).

Enough of that stuff.

I mean, what next?  Hidden Mickeys?


All right, to round out today's "nerdy" theme, how about a report from today's trip to the Park?

The Park is under rehab left and right!  From the Matterhorn (scaffolding up the slopes), to Main Street (shut down on the east side from Carnation Cafe to Coke Corner) to the Columbia (in Fowler's Harbor drydock) to the Adventureland main entrance and beyond.

Good to see the company is keeping up the "Crown Jewel" original of its many theme parks.

Today it was cold at the Park. 
Sitting under heat lamps on the patio of the Rancho del Zocalo, we watched the Mark Twain, its decks aglow in sparkling yellow lights, ease up to its dock in the dusky twilight at 5:44 p.m. and end its run.

It was also chilly at the "other park" across the way.
We took in The Little Mermaid (well done and worth the 15-minute wait).

Checked out the new food area on the east side (lots of covered seating and you can get Mediterranean fare or pizza and salads---mental note for those hot days when shade and ceiling fans are absolute musts!).

Cars Land construction continues to hum along--we took a look from the porch of the Blue Sky Disney Imagineering exhibit.

The whole main entrance area at DCA is fenced off still and as you enter the park, they have everyone walk to the right, behind the Soarin' building.

They also still have fences up along the World of Color lagoon.

On the way out of Disneyland, we caught the parade on Main Street.
From "Step in Time" chimney sweeps to Dixieland Jazz, all the princesses, characters, songs and dancing you could hope to pack into a Main Street parade.
Do not miss it---and this is from a grizzled veteran, who's seen just about everything that can straggle down Main Street!!

Thanks for hangin' in there between posts, Jungle fans!!

You are four (4) of the best friends a skipper could ever want!

That reminds me...

You know what the hungry Green Giant said, after he reached into a random bag of mixed veggies in his freezer and pulled out a morsel?

"I gotta pea!"

Yes sir, folks, we offer only the highest quality entertainment in these parts!
Now move along!
Dock side!  Please, exit out the front.
Water side, you'll be helped out by the rear.
If you get lost, check in with our helpful "Guest Relations" cast member below.

He'll be more than glad to tell you exactly where to go!