Jungle is "101" - What The Heck Is This Blog About?

Summer 1987: I was a Jungle Skipper.
This was pre-Indiana Jones.
The old dock and bullpen were in place.
The West Side actually died down at night.
No Fanstasmic clogged the Rivers of America like a pyrotechnic embolism.
Eisner was just starting his destruction of the Park.
The Main Street Electrical Parade actually ran down---Main Street.
The Tahitian Terrace torches glowed in the night, accompanied by the heady smell of pineapple and teriyaki. “Swisskapolka” lilted endlessly in the background from high up in the Treehouse.
The Jungle was alive with drums, native chants, bird and animal calls.
Its boats were decked out in colorful striped canopies and brightly cushioned seats.
Our .38 revolvers were tethered and loaded.
The "breakdown" rounds could deafen an African Bull Elephant, while also notifying your Lead back at the dock that your engine had stalled or your boat had derailed.
Thankfully, the guns are back after an utterly inexplicable “PC” absence.
The Pirates of the Caribbean remained unblemished and true to its original state.
Captain Jack did not exist.
The Mark Twain's steam whistle called out in its haunting voice.
At night, its lighted decks would brilliantly glide into view past the Riverbelle Terrace.
A fire still burned in the settler's cabin on Tom Saywer's Island.
In the late evening, Snow White's voice would trickle over from the Wishing Well Grotto, echoes and all, clear as a bell.
Women worked Tiki, Pirates, Country Bear Jamboree, Mansion, Thunder and the Swiss Family Treehouse, but not Jungle.
“Fantasy In The Sky” erupted nightly.
The Rocket Jets were still in Tomorrowland, not out front, on Main Street!
The Skyway still lifted guests over Fantasyland, through the Matterhorn and across Tomorrowland.
You could have a great moment or two with Mr. Lincoln and gaze at a perfect model of Walt's office at the Disney Studios.
Disneyland still had a big, gray parking lot out front.
For me, it was a supremely happy time.
We'll get into more as this Blog continues…

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