Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disneyland - Old Co-Workers

Let us take a look at some pictures from old co-workers past.

First off: Sam.

What a loafer.
Never saw him on the dock or on a boat, but he was always hanging out around Jungle.
Ran a head shop in south Orange County for a while.
Kept to himself, mostly.
He described himself as a "people person" nonetheless.
Also fancied himself a "thigh man," whatever that means.
Never wore a name tag (bad show).
Never said a word.
Still, he'd go out on a limb for you (sometimes, twice a week).
Kinda creepy to hang out with during lunch.

Next, are three from my sweeper days.
Piper was a dutiful sweeper and always had a smile. Unlike Sam, she was a people person who liked people for people's sake.
Don, on the other hand, was a fabulous "over the line" softball player. He had a great eye and could place the ball exactly where it needed to go during OTL tournaments. A master of Main Street restrooms, he once threatened to make a sweater from certain hair he swept up from the floor. Gack.
Finally, Curt. A true artist and comic rolled up into one. He had a Fantasyland shift in the summer of 1985. Raybans, perfect form with the pan and broom, and a winning sense of humor.
Went on to have his own TV show.

I'll keep the rest of pictures in the trunk for now, but I'm not afraid to use them if I have to!

Thank goodness for Disney Polaroid pictures!

I'll bet none will surface of a certain sweeper named Mike (circa 1984-85)!

---Adieu, for now!