Thursday, March 19, 2009

Disneyland - "Celebrate! A Street Party" Coming Soon

Well, the new parade is scheduled to debut next Friday, March 27, 2009.

Celebrate! A Street Party will move along the normal parade route but will have a few "show stops" in which the performers will dance, sing and invite guests to join in. There'll be conga lines, balloons, streamers and plenty of guest interaction from what I've heard.

The new parade has been officially announced, so it's not like I'm giving away the Company store here.

I understand the show stops could run up to 10 minutes and that the gate-to-gate parade time could approach an hour. Yikes! Holy Guest Control, Batman! I ask you to imagine trying to keep pedestrian traffic flowing through and around a fairly lengthy parade event occurring in the middle of the Park. Now do it twice a day!!

I am quite sure that the current team of cast members assigned to assist guests on the parade route will ably respond to the challenge. I can't guarantee that someone won't steal your coveted curb-side seat if you and your family get up to dance in the parade, however!

You may run into me working in the Plaza or on the Hub, so be sure to say hello.
I'll be wearing the "Mike" name tag.
Can't miss me.
Oh. And a straw hat.
Hey, it's Main Street what else would you expect, Jungle khakis?