Monday, March 23, 2009

Disneyland - Jungle Boats, Heigh Ho and An 80s Skipper!

Greetings Adventurers and Adventurettes!
Aloha to you from Adventureland (just outside of the Tiki Room)!

Today a we have couple of unique views that you might not run across too often.
First is a shot of the Jungle Cruise boat storage area---and the backside of Main Street---as seen through the gates that open to let a new boat come online into the Jungle. The area you see in the photograph to the left of the boats is the overflow walkway that is often used as an alternate route to help guests make their way out of the Park after a busy fireworks show or parade.

Next we have the photograph below. It appears to have been taken through the open gate at the far east side of the park, just along Harbor Boulevard. It shows Harbor Pointe, one of the cast member entrances to the Park. You glide over this area on the Monorail and also pass by the large Wardrobe or Costuming building (not pictured, but to the left of the location in the photo), where cast members collect their tidy costumes before going on stage. Looks like its "off to work we go" for these cast members!

Lastly, let's wrap up today with a blast to my Jungle past and a photograph of old skipper Chris Jenson from 1985 aboard the proverbial "Leaky Tiki." (Love the old striped canopy and skipper costume! Man, I need that hat!).Thanks to Sandi Miller, the longtime Disneylander, for originally sharing this photograph.

By the by, if you hit the park tomorrow evening, you might just make my boat!

Happy Hippo Hunting!