Thursday, March 4, 2010

Disneyland - Pirates Before the Bridge - Sweeper Peeps - Adventure/Frontier Attractions Saves the Lost Safari

Today is Post Some More Old Photos Day here at Jungle is 101.

Sadly, it is not a national holiday. It is, however, recognized as a half-day-without-pay in the Republic of Malta.

So we've got THAT going for us...which is nice.

Moving right along and to our immediate left, please note a vintage photograph of the Pirates' queue before "the Bridge" was erected. Must've been pretty early, as guests could practically walk onto the attraction. Based on costuming and guest clothing, I'm putting this one in the 1980s.

Next: the only known photograph of a failed rescue mission to save the Lost Safari in 1987. A host of Adventure/Frontier Attractions cast members somehow managed to find their way to this remote beach.

Sadly, not one of them seemed to notice the missing expedition, as the cast members' attention was distracted by my passing boat and camera crew.

Since the Lost Safari had long provided me with some of my best material, I was careful not to point them out.

How those folks from Thunder and the Sailing Ship Columbia made their way to this corner of the teeming jungle remains a mystery.

Finally: a few of my sweeper peeps from back in the day, yo. Looks like another tough day at Custodial Control. To the left of the photo, the poster board bears undeniable proof of the fact that we actually received training on how to sweep up trash and use a gum scraper as part of our "function and responsibilities."

On the shelf at the right of the photograph are various tools of the trade: boxes of Kimbies (paper towels sweepers carried like ammo), cleaning solutions, spray bottles of muriatic acid and a box of lye.

This had to be taken close to the end of the shift, otherwise I have no explanation for why these poor people look so flogging happy. Their demeanor could possibly be explained as some sort of after-effect of the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds from the cleaning solutions in Custodial's main offices. We can never know for sure. [I think I have to thank Robin Mora or Jerry Lofquist for originally posting this---not sure where I found it, but I'm glad I did].