Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disneyland - I could really go for...

Right about now, I could really go for:

  • a mid-theater seat on the comfy benches of the Country Bear Jamboree, waiting for the show to start;
  • a stroll through Harbor House to grab my time card on my way under the trestle to Wardrobe;
  • a hot Monte Cristo sandwich at Carnation on Main Street;
  • an elephant ride (make it an African Bull, and be sure to wave at the Jungle boats as they drift by);
  • my old (metal) pan and broom at my side and a Main Street opening shift;
  • a leisurely wander through the old One-of-a-Kind shop in New Orleans Square (just looking!);
  • some Plaza Inn pot roast;
  • a tram ride through the 100-acre parking lot to the Main Entrance drop off area, with a tram-ful of eager guests;
  • craning my neck and scanning the area for whoever just sounded a "Sweeper's Whistle" in my direction;
  • a view of Cascade Peak and Big Thunder Falls from the top deck of the Mark Twain;
  • fifty cents and a Shootin' Arcade rifle;
  • a stick to wake up Jose (the bird, not the busser who used to work nights at the Cafe Orleans);
  • an early morning canoe race (cast members only, sorry);
  • a squeaky Donald Duck hat (not for me, for the kids)...okay, I'll try it, but just one or two squeaks...;
  • a pre-opening walk-through of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad;
  • checking the schedule in the old Custodial offices behind Plaza Gardens (ahh, good ol' Dept. 336!);
  • a refreshing dip in the Submarine Lagoon (it always looks so inviting);
  • a walk past the lightning-filled windows and spooky paintings in corridor of the Haunted Mansion just past the elevator doors;
  • a bench on the Hub; and
  • a whole day ahead of me at the Park.
How about you?

Stay thirsty my friends!!