Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disneyland - Cast Member Photos - Pirates, Thunder, Hatmosphere, New Orleans Square - Ringo Starr

Salutations, "Jungle Is 101" followers! I promised you more Disneyland cast member photos and I am now delivering.

We start with a 1980 shot from long-time Disneylander Sandi Miller, who originally shared this little number on the left. It shows Pirates of the Caribbean cast member Bernie Francis doing a "Stevie Wonder" on the harpsichord in the Cap'n's Quarters (with a row of empty Pirate launches in the background). Groovy, baby. Love the shades, Bernie!

Next, we travel a bit deeper into the Pirates (and leap ahead in time to the "modern" era), and find ourselves with many more "wenches" to choose from than normal. [Thanks to Jose Gracia for originally sharing this photo on the left]. We're not sure how those Disneyland Railroad ladies go into this predicament---though the Frontierland station is not too far from here.

Moving over to Frontierland, we find that Ryan Batcheller is joining a quadrupedal friend in consuming a little TNT roughage. Talk about setting yourself up for a nasty episode of explosive diarrhea! Further proof that Disney employees have way too much time (and fun) on their hands when an attraction breaks down. [Our thanks to Ryan for originally sharing this picture].

Next we will bounce back in time (to the 1970s) and over to New Orleans Square, where a familiar member of the Beatles is partaking of a VIP guided tour (thanks to the lovely and talented Linda Allan - who also supplied the photo). Love the hat, Ringo---did Yoko make it for you? Looks like one of her "art" pieces. Even better is the outfit on the guy in front of the Blue Bayou. He stepped right out of Central Casting for the role of "1970s Male."

Let us say goodbye today by taking a look at the farewell photo of the Hatmosphere over in Tomorrowland. This picture shows the last day of this merchandise location (it was demolished the day after this photo was taken)---and the members of its final crew of cast members. I imagine this was not long after the Skyway had ceased operations overhead. [Thank you to Carlos Porras for sharing this picture]. What color were those costumes???

Besides, perhaps, the Vice Presidency, what other job in the world allows you to dress up in a costume every day, occasionally meet celebrities, chew dynamite and play in a haunted Pirates' cave?

The few.
The proud.
The Disneyland cast members.
We do less all day than most people do by 7:00 a.m.

I'm not sure if that's the exact slogan, but---you get the picture...

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