Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Mile Long Bar - 1980s - Max, Buff & Melvin

I used to sweep through the "Mile Long Bar" in my Day Custodial whites back in 1984-86. It was still "Bear Country." The new moniker "Critter Country" gives me a headache and has way too much of an "Eisner" feel to it. Winnie, we love you, but you've quite possibly destroyed our beloved Bear Country. Silly old bear.

A hot pretzel at the Mile Long Bar was a great way to enjoy the heady afterglow of a "Country Bear Jamboree" performance. Located just outside the Country Bear Theater exit (and next to my second-favorite Disneyland water feature---the waterfall at the Country Bear Theater exit), the Mile Long Bar had mirrors at either end (hence the name). On hot days, it provided welcome relief. On cold days, coffee or a hot chocolate helped stave off the damp chill of Bear Country.

At the opposite end of the building that housed the Mile Long Bar was the "Cast Member" entrance to the Bear Country back area. A covered break area, along with a vending machine and a picnic table, was where I spent many breaks (perhaps too many on slower days). Here is a video of our favorite bodiless quadrupeds from the wall of the Mile Long Bar in the Magic Kingdom in Florida---thanks to Mike of widenyourwold on

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse - mid 1980s

Jungle Cruise 1985 - Video

Early 1970s Disneyland Magic Key Tickets - Grad Nite 1984 Admission Ticket - The Little Old Town of Rainbow Ridge

Here is a partial "Magic Key Book" of tickets that somehow survived one of our family's trips to the Park in the early 1970s. It is missing its cover, but the coupons are still attached and the back of the book has a nice listing of attractions "back in the day."This is the back cover. Whoa! You could ride 10 attractions for less that $5.00! Not quite Main Gate admission prices today!
Finally, we have the back of the Magic Key Coupon and rear page of the coupon book. Tink looks great, as always.
One of the attractions available in the days before Big Thunder was the Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland. The little town of Rainbow Ridge, where you boarded the train, is pictured below. Most of these buildings made the transition to Big Thunder when it opened in 1979.
So that we might move ahead from the 70s, enjoy this 1984 Grad Nite admission ticket, front and back. Careful not to violate those stringent Disney Grad Nite rules, you party animals! By the way, why weren't men allowed to wear a turtleneck sweater? (I mean other than the obvious fashion violation: "Freeze, Fashion Police. You in the turtleneck, show us your license and registration.").