Saturday, May 31, 2008

1984-86 "Day Custodial" Some Names from the Past

For most of you out there, this list will mean nothing. For those who lived in Day Custodial whites for a few summers in the mid-80's, maybe some of these names will ring a bell.

Let's roll up those Kimbies, strap on those towels, pocket up some park guidebooks, grab a pan(a metal one, of course---not those atrocious plastic things of today; and preferably personalized with one's name or a nickname in permanent marker) and broom, head to the area locker and pray for no "Code V" call in any of your attraction lines.

Throwing some names out from memory, pardon the spelling and don't feel slighted if you've been left out---it's been 24 years!

Kevin Gallaway (took me spelunking in the Amboy crater lava tubes---awesome!)
Curt Visca (later of "Curtoons" fame and local TV in Orange County---always wore Ray Bans)
Beth Nichols (spoke French, great sense of humor!)
Michelle Garden ("Shelly!" A completely nice person)
Mary Luetto (Always smiling!)
Jerry Lofquist (his pan was labeled "J.Lofty III" in 1984)
Blake Ingram (tallest sweeper you'll probably ever see; very funny guy)
Chris Christensen (had the Ray Bans, too; good buddy of Blake's)
Andy Arko (my pal; remember softball games?)
John Toth (best Pee Wee Herman impersonator in the Inn Between)
Eric Grubb (Main Street trash record setter---along with yours truly)
Ranger Dave Fraser (Main Street lead during my summer closing shift)
Jackie Lacey (Dave's gal from Adv./Frontier attractions)
Helmuth Sunrise (or as old "Arthur" used to ask for him: "Where's Yomo? He's off, he's off.")
Don Dishner (Over the Line afficionado)
Debbie Gagne (funny!)
Dana Ohanesian (leader of the "Disney Explorers Club"---who put that cone on Abe's head?)
Andy Garcia
Harry Hemhausen (lead, old school)
Larry "Colonel" Snow (reservist, elder statesman of West Side sweepers)
Bernie Esposito ("He's Bernie Esposito, we sweepers think he's "neato" (sung to "If I only Had A Brain from Wizard of Oz)"---that's why I remember his name)
Stacey Booth
Kim Carrow
Mike Kelly (uh, that's me)

I'm sure there's plenty more, but those names seemed to have stuck!

Thanks for those great lunches at the Inn Between (how did most of Day Custodial end up with lunch at the same time? Hmm.) We laughed, we cried, we rafted the American River (above Sacramento---not the Rivers of America in Frontierland), we raced canoes (ok, that was in the Rivers of America), we engaged in backstage water fights, drove the main street trash truck a little too fast when trying to dump "Main Gate," mastered the cigarette butt between the legs and into the pan, and still somehow made sure that our flower beds were done before Night Crew came on.

Go Sweepers!
For kicks, here is a photograph I found of Kevin Gallaway on a "former cast member" site---taken just outside the Village Haus in Fantasyland, it appears!!