Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disneyland - My 8 Year Old and the Disneyland Game

After one too many sessions of "I Spy With My Little Eye," I begged my youngest for a moment or two so that I could try to come up with something of my own to keep us entertained during the occasional down time (a long drive, a boring line, nothing on TV, etc., etc.).
Given our family's connection to the Park, the Disneyland Game was born.
It is really nothing all that original, but my daughter likes it and that's enough for me.
The game is a variation of an old time-passer a third grade teacher of mine shared with us.
The youngest person goes first, naturally.
They call out a word associated with Disneyland.
Then it is the next person's turn (there's no limit to the number of participants).
They must call out another Disneyland word, but the word they use has to being with the LAST last letter of the word that the youngest had first called out.
Play moves from person to person until you can't think of a word.  First person who can't think of a word is out.
It is a good idea to set a time limit for responding, say one or two minutes.
So, my daughter says: "Castle."
Now it's my turn.
"Emporium!" (I have to use the "e" at the end of "Castle" to start my word).
"Mickey!" she counters.
"Yeti." (Ooh.  I'm good.)
"Ice cream.  You've got an M."
"Orinoco!" (Ah, Jungle boat names sometimes come in handy).
"Octopus."  A smile.
"Slue Foot Sue!"
"Never mind, she's before your time, but trust's a legit answer, kid!" (Dad always has the final say on this particular subject).
"E...hmmm...oh, I know...Eeyore!"
"Elgin clock - on Main Street."
A look of consternation.  "All right.  N.  Oh, Nana, from Peter Pan!"
"Adventureland.  This is too easy!"
"Donald Duck!"
"K.  Hmmm.  Duh.  King Arthur's Carousel."
"Lion King!"
"Omnibus!?  How'd you know that one?  Good job, Miss Muffet.  So what do I have, an "S"?  How about, Star Tours?"
"Sleeping Beauty."
"Yangtze Lotus."
"Small World."
"Dinosaur Gap."
"Peter Pan."

I am sure you get the picture.
The game can be varied.
For example, you can use the 3rd or 4th letter of the word and make the other person have to start their answer with that letter.
You can limit the responses to certain Lands within the park or even certain attractions (which can be very challenging).
You can make a rule that you can't use the same letter twice in a row (so I can't offer "Orinoco" as an "O" word because it ends with an "O" and then the other person would have to use "O" again).
It goes on.
It sure beats the living heck out of "I Spy" for the thirteenth time in a row!
For adults, it can be a drinking game (especially for adults who've been forced into "I Spy" with an eight year old on one too many occasions!).
Can't come up with an answer in 30 seconds?  Drink!
If your word ends with a "D," drink!
Use a character name for your answer, drink!
Repeat an answer that has already been used---drink twice.
Use an answer that is NOT associated with something inside the berm --- you buy everyone a round!  ("Tower of Terror???"  Really?!!)

"Jungle is 101" has now ended it's normal operating day.  Main Street will remain open for an additional hour for your shopping convenience.  For those not choosing to shop, as we say on the Jungle Cruise: "Ride's over.  Get out."