Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disneyland - Matterhon - Special Guest Star: Harold

If you were there in the late 1970s, you recall that something had gotten into the Matterhorn.

It turned out to be a hairy creature with a bluish face and angry red eyes. Cast members affectionately called him, "Harold."

Over time, Harold made quite an impression and ultimately was welcomed as part of the family. Today, thanks to the magic (and cameras) of Disneyland cast members, we take a look at some photos from Harold's family album.
Thanks to Lorraine Osborn for originally sharing this photograph, reposted here for your edification and enjoyment. This demonstrates cast members' affection for our noisy friend from the icy caverns of the Matterhorn.

John Sieker is to be thanked for contributing this photograph, where Harold sports a nifty cap. Kinda cuts down on the angry Yeti vibe, though.Jeff Mackey is thanked for this contribution, in which a non-Matterhorn cast member popped by for a visit from It's A Small World.George Herold (no relation) originally supplied these next two wonderful pictures (the one immediately below is from the late 1970s). In the first, Harold looks happy surrounded by such dear friends. However, in the second, during a rehab, he appears robbed of a bit of dignity, not to mention his hirsute grandeur.He was also was present for a special moment in which one of his human friends appears to have popped some sort of question to the female of the species (our thanks to Paula Kirchner for the photograph). Sometimes, even despite the cast member's affection, Harold would get a bit testy, as this moment (supplied by Joshua Sudock) captured by camera clearly demonstrates.For all of us who still jump (just a bit) when we hear his mighty roar from the darkness, Harold, we salute you! Many happy returns! Though you aren't a Matterhorn "original," you have definitely become part of the family!

As for me, I met him several times during closing shifts in Fantasyland. The "Disney Explorers Club," I understand, made Harold one of their many destinations. A certain basketball court deep within the mountain was also rumored to be a place where the DEC would visit (after everyone had gotten their flowerbeds finished!). At least, that's what I heard...


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great post, super fun photos! Your block Rocks! Thanks for all the great info!

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

Those pictures are funny.

I remember the pre-harold days too. The matterhorn was less of a dark ride then and looked rather man-made on the inside. Have you seen this page about the pre-harold 'horn?

Desain-in said...

look so scream, I love it...

Anonymous said...

Harold, I love you! You inspire me to be proud of my Nepali heritage. Yetis are the best! May your brethren always protect your homeland, Tibet!
From your biggest friend and fan,

Jamling Sherpa