Monday, November 22, 2010

Disneyland - Is It Just Me Or...? (Vol. III)

Is it just me or...
  • should the Plaza Pavilion be a place to eat rather than a spot to renew an annual pass?
  • are Disneyland ducks still among the luckiest on the planet?
  • can Toontown use a paint job?
  • should Davey Jones get out of the Pirates and go back to his locker? (Does anyone else miss the disembodied voice in the darkness: "Perhaps ye knows too much. Ye've seen the cursed treasure. Ye knows where it be 'id.")
  • is New Orleans Square simply gorgeous all decked out for the holidays?
  • has anyone else been jolted with surprise by a blast from the Monorail's horn as the elevated train rounds the bend into Fantasyland, headed for the Matterhorn?
  • was that the Wicked Queen peeking out of her window above Snow White's Adventures?
  • has the Dole Whip line gotten out of hand?
  • would anyone else just love to hop off the Storybookland Canal Boats and get an up close look at the miniatures? (I got to do it once---I was a sweeper; the incident involved a diaper tossed onto the streets of Pinocchio's Village; not pretty).
  • are the current Fantasyland costumes a little "poochy" in the pants? (and what's with the hats they give those poor cast members to wear?)
  • is this the window above the entrance to Club 33?
  • is a Plaza Inn pot roast dinner on a cool evening pretty darn good comfort food?
  • is an "edgier" Mickey Mouse about as good an idea as a gangsta rap album by Bambi and Flower? ("Yo! Ma homies an' me are gettin' wicked in tha thicket!")
  • does the fact that Disney had to put doors on its trams tell us the world has become far too risk averse and litigation conscious? Hundreds of millions of guests were able to safely and successfully board Disneyland parking lot trams for five decades without a need for doors.
  • do you bump the car ahead of you on the Autopia---even though it is forbidden?
  • does anyone else think the model of the Capitol in the Lincoln foyer is just too cool.
  • would you be worried if this guy tried to lead you deep into an untamed jungle?
  • is anyone else hungry for turkey, stuffing and all the fixin's?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!