Saturday, August 30, 2008

Disneyland Guest Relations - Plaid On Parade; The Mark Twain And The Drained River; Sinking Raft

Special thanks to Paula Asinas, who originally posted this photograph. I repost it here because of its unique assemblage of Disneyland's famous tour guides, in full red-vested, plaid-skirted, red-stockinged regalia on Main Street before Park opening. The street and sidewalks are still wet from Custodial's high-pressure hosedown in the early morning hours.

And further thanks to Sandi Miller, who first posted this shot of the Mark Twain and the recently-drained Rivers of America during the 1984 rehab. There was a bit of a stink in Frontierland/New Orleans Square when the mucky waters receded, literally and figuratively.

Oh, and yes, Virginia, the Mark Twain is on a track. Somehow Walt and Company weren't willing to trust a ride operator to navigate the Rivers of America on their own from the wheelhouse.

And no, Viriginia, you do NOT want to dive headfirst off the bow into the River. It's a tad shallow. That's why we dye the heck out of it. Love that murky, Jungle green!

To close out today's post, I offer you another slighltly sinking Raft to Tom Sawyer's Island photograph, courtesy of George Herold---this is from 1975. The ride operator and helmsman, Bill Jacobson, seems to be all smiles, as his guests try to keep their feet dry. Dig those 70s tube socks!