Monday, August 8, 2011

Disneyland - The Lost Safari Leader Returns

My best to you, Adventurers and Adventurettes!

Mike here.

I would have posted more in the past two months had it not been for a wrong turn in the Guatemalan rainforest. You can get pretty disoriented in jungle overgrowth, especially with a blowdart in your neck! After I came to in a dark hut, I managed to free (most) of the other members of our group and we made our way down river and back to our rickety dock. Talk about a sight for sore eyes! The guys on the dock greeted us warmly, but had somehow managed to be completely unaware of the fact that we had been missing for over eight weeks. Ah. Skippers.

I have much to tell you as, after our ordeal, I made a sojourn to the Grand Californian for four days in order to recuperate. Poolside mojitos can powerfully combat the most virulent of jungle maladies. I also managed an invite into an exclusive club in New Orleans Square---it had been a while since my last visit. I have pictures, but no time to upload them this morning. Stay tuned.

The Park, as always, revitalized my weary spirits, rekindled my devotion and rewarded my many years of Disneyland experience. Oddly enough, we had a supremely happy time at this particular place on earth. Hmm. Maybe there's something to that old slogan after all...

As to you, my devoted four (4) readers (Hi, Mom!), what can I say? I feel like a deadbeat dad, an AWOL soldier, a bolting groom, a Ponzi scheme con-man, a pirate rowing away from you on a lonely island beach, a DMV clerk, a Congressman, a neighbor who borrowed your rake four years ago (and still has it), a garage mechanic in a small desert town---350 miles from anywhere---who has your broken-down car up on a rack, a distant cousin who is still promising to make good on that loan---someday, someone who has left you high-and-dry. I am sorry.

I will try to make amends by getting back to posting daily---or at least a couple times a week! Thank you all for continuing to check in with me and for your good thoughts and best wishes on my behalf. These are truly cherished and appreciated.