Monday, October 13, 2008

Disneyland - Status Report - Yesterday - Plaza Pavillion Rebirth

Hi Ho, Everyone! Just back from the Park after a busy week that kept me from posting. Bad Mike!

Yesterday was a busy day at Disneyland with an estimated 55,000 or so guests enjoying HalloweenTime. We had some strong winds toward the late afternoon and throughout the evening. The wind was strong enough to blow out one of the gas torches at the entrance to the Tiki Room. Indeed, if there still were a Skyway attraction, it would have been shut down.
Over at the Jungle Cruise, things were hopping during the early afternoon! The queue was long enough that the upstairs queue area was opened and filled with guests. It warms this old skipper's heart to see that the attraction can still pack 'em in after all these years. Even at its longest, the line rarely takes more than 15-20 minutes to get through, since experienced boat loaders can get about 40-45 people per boat (not including lap-sitters). This makes the line progress well.

The Park looks nice with its HalloweenTime decorations. Mickey and Minnie were actually quite dapper when I saw them on Main Street just north of the Mad Hatter shop. Minnie sported a purple witch's hat and matching dress. Her beaux, of course, matched her, with a nice purple coat and a smart top hat. As always, the guests were anxious to say hello to them.

Plaza Pavillion is in the midst of a rehab. Its kitchen is being updated so that it may soon be serving food once again! This is cheerful news. More importantly...could this new kitchen also be used for a Tahitian Terrace restaurant facility??? Stay tuned Adventurers and Adventurettes! If you follow this blog at all, you'll know we're kinda partial to the old Tahitian Terrace around here and it is terribly missed.
Now I'm not saying it is coming back, but the chances have gone up slightly with the attention being given to the Plaza Pavillion kitchen. So there.
And, finally, speaking of rehabs, I can only imagine what the heck is going on with the Small World. Let us keep our collective fingers crossed that this beloved attraction remains as true to the original as possible when it reopens.
Well, I am outta here for now. I'll try and get you all some new cast member photos this week!