Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disneyland - Backstage Peeks from the Parking Structure

Another busy week, another photo filled post. Hope you are all doing well. As we hit the blog today, to your right you will see some shots I snapped the last time we were parked at the top of the parking structure. Too bad my mini-cam has a pretty pathetic telephoto zoom.

First, we see the back of the berm and one of the access tunnels through it (center right of the photo). On the other side of the berm from here, roughly, you will find the back turn of the Rivers of America---the stretch between Mike Fink's cabin and the Indian Village. If you look closely backstage, you'll see a Storybookland Canal boat ready for a rehab. To the left, I spy one of Main Street's horse-drawn trolley cars.

The next shot gives you another view of this area backstage---right under the noses of thousands of Disneyland guests who are ambling through the parking lot on their way to the trams!

Picture number 3 shows many things to the trained observer. Do you see the Disneyland Railroad train clicking by in the upper right, just below the curvy streetlamp? There's an Autopia car to the left of the photo and what appear to be cars from Big Thunder (look just above the trolley). Hey, next time you're on the train, grab a seat in the back and look over your shoulder. You'll get some neat back stage views (like this one) that most folks don't see because they are facing forward.

Finally, in Photo 4 we can see the Team Disney Anaheim (TDA) building (in its gaudy Eisner yellow) in the background.

You can also get a good glimpse of the back of Toon Town.

Smack dab in the center of the photo---where all that dirt is---you can see the stables where Disneyland's famous horses are kept (Circle D).

The gray buildings to the left house a variety of workshops and the parade floats.

Enough with that.
I gotta go.
Trader Sam's pot is boiling over and he left me here to watch it for him while he went shopping!
Man, is he gonna be steamed!

As a sage village shaman of the jungle once told me and my fellow skippers:

"Stay cool, monkey fools!"