Thursday, October 14, 2010

Disneyland - Glad To See There's Still Imagination Left In The World...

Today, Jungle is "101" Galleries debuts the original artwork of one of our loyal readers, which is inserted above for your edification and enjoyment.
This young artist's name is Anne.
The original is an oil on canvas painting.
It is titled Slow Day, because, in Anne's own words, "I didn't realize til after I painted it that it had so little people in the boat."
As a veteran skipper with many hours logged in Jungle boats, I found Anne's depiction of the old striped canopied vessel to be fabulous!
She has truly captured the colors and feel of the old boats, along with the green of the Jungle river and the delicate cascade of Schweitzer Falls.
I am truly honored that she chose to share her work with me and, more importantly, has permitted me to debut it to the world, here, in our ragged, little corner of cyberspace.
I am sure you will all appreciate this young lady's talent.
She says she would like to be an Imagineer someday.
Disney should be so lucky!
Thanks, Anne!

And my thanks to each of you---lurkers, posters, fanatics, ho-hummers, friends, curious types, lost souls or fellow wanderers---for dropping by now and then.
This old Jungle wouldn't be the same without you!
I love it when folks share pictures or memories of the Park.
Keep 'em coming!!

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?


(hey, we're a family site!)

And remember,
if life's got you up a pole,
and there's a rhino at your stern,
just hang in there for about 7 minutes, a boat will be along soon,
with a skipper and a load of guests
--making fun of your predicament!