Friday, October 28, 2011

Disneyland - Some Recent Photos and Sample Guest Interaction Test (for Professionals only)...

It's a Friday here in the Jungle and, digging through some pictures, I thought I'd share some with you fine folks. . . 

We'll start with the one above from our recent trip. 
It shows the cottage where we stayed with a sweet, little Italian family.  We had a fine time. 
Close to the water, but not far from the main village, the place was clean and the merchant and his wife who lived there treated us as family.  The quarters were cramped, but that made it all the more enjoyable. 
We walked the cobbled streets of the tiny town nearby. 
We stared in the shop windows, ate way too much pasta and savored the Chianti---perhaps a bit too much.  We tried to hitch a ride home with the local coachman, but he was already full and we had to stumble along on foot. 
Too bad, because that group of kids in the coach looked like they were ready to hit the town and have the time of their lives! 
Wish we could've joined them. 
Maybe next time.  
Above is a little known break area in Frontierland. 
It is not well lit, but at least it's cool and out of the elements. 
The wooden vending machine takes for...ev...ver to dispense snacks, as this guy from New Orleans/Bear Country Attractions found out the hard way. 
Hey buddy, next time try the Pit. 
It is not as difficult to get to (you don't need a raft, for example), and the grill cook gets you out of there in 10 minutes or less.  Bon appetit!
Above we see a rare view of walkway pavement --- seldom seen in modern Disneyland. 
I can only count about 14 guests or so in sight. 
Can you tell where this was taken? 
I had to do a double take, but immediately got my bearings when I realized that this area was the site of my very first sweeping assignment in Day Custodial. 
I thought of a quick "Guest Interaction Test" to pass along to you cast members, would-be cast members or curious guest-types. 
Here it is.  Hope you pass.

Question: If the lady on the cell phone to the right of the picture were to walk up and ask, "Where is the Matterhorn?" would you:

A)      Point toward the left side of the photo, along the row of benches?

B)      Use a two-fingered Disney pointing gesture to the right side of the photo, around the corner of the tree planter that is seen just behind the lady on the cell phone?

C)      Shrug helplessly and act like you speak only in clicks and pops, then wave your arms in grandiose and mysterious patterns like a deranged Shaman?

D)      Ask her if she'd rather try Disney's California Adventure---it's a wonderful, family-style theme park for people of all ages!

E)       Smile politely, remain in place, but rotate 180 degrees and grandly hold out your arms and make a displaying gesture like Vanna White, while saying, "This grand geologic formation directly behind me is Matterhorn Mountain and a thrilling bobsled ride awaits those who dare challenge its icy, and, some say---haunted---peaks!"

If you answered E---and were very careful to not at all be a smart aleck when responding to the guest---you would be absolutely correct, and could qualify as a helpful, cheerful Cast Member.  (Remember: don't be a smart aleck---the mountain is almost directly behind you and towers 40 stories overhead---it's hard to miss, but that's okay, guests sometimes still need a little help finding their way).

Well, that's about all the posting I've got in me today, as there's a place near and dear to this old prospector's heart that is calling to me from up yonder hill just past ol' Dinosaur Gap...
Have a great weekend, Adventurers and Adventurettes, Junglers and Jungleteers, Skippers and guests, CMs, former CMs and CMs-to-be!!  I'll drink to that!