Friday, October 8, 2010

Disneyland - Is it Just Me? (Part II)

Due to overwhelming popular demand (literally 3 out of 4 readers), today we offer Part II of my list that answers the question, "Is it just me or...?"

Is it just me, or...
  • is it time to let the Jungle skippers ad lib a bit more?
  • does this Turkey leg meat look weird?
  • was that a big band playing at Plaza Gardens the other day?
  • could the "Partners" statue on the Hub go back from whence it came?
  • is little Leota just a tad...stimulating? (Hurry baaackk. Hurry ba-aaaack.)
  • could you go for a soft pretzel from the Mile Long Bar (extra salt, please).
  • can anyone drift into a nap while clacking 'round on the Disneyland Railroad on a breezy day (ahh...)
  • is just about everyone done with the Chevron cars and lame "jokes" at the Autopia queue? (I get it...birds poop on cars. Got any other material?)
  • could you go for a burger and fries at Coke Terrace, served by a cast member decked out like a red bell boy?
  • is the Starcade locked in an 80s time warp? Does anyone go to arcades anymore?
  • do you still get something from the vulture asking: "if this is your laughing place, how come you're not laughing.?" just before you take the final drop on Splash Mountain?
  • does the Mark Twain's steam whistle echo somewhere in your soul?
  • is it time to change the scenes in the windows at the Emporium?
  • is the Penny Arcade a saccharine shell of its former self?
  • are you ready for the new Star Tours, too?
  • does anyone else miss the Mary Blair mural from the old Circle Vision building?
  • does it still feel neat to clomp over the little bridge to Plaza Gardens?
  • is Tim Burton just a touch overrated?
  • does Town Square need a food service location? (Hills Brothers anyone?)
  • does anyone else want a Mickey balloon---just a plain old Mickey balloon?
  • does anyone else think it odd that they never open the westernmost exit turnstiles at the Main Gate at the end of the day? What up with that?
  • is there anything else on this planet that can light up like Main Street at night?
  • do you find it irksome when a party of four or more people decides to hold a conversation, dead stopped, in the middle of a main arterial walkway---like, say, the Adventureland entrance?? Come on folks, pull off to the side and decide where you want to eat!!
  • are those hippos blowing bubbles and wiggling their ears?? (Uh oh)...
  • wouldn't you just LOVE to work at Disneyland?