Monday, August 22, 2011

Disneyland - Club 33 and I meet Anne

My family and I went to stay at the Grand Californian during the last week of July.  A Grand time was had by all.  We made the most of our week, dropping by Trader Sam's over at the Disneyland Hotel, giving Steakhouse 55 a try, finally braving the crowds for a---believe it or not---FIRST time ever viewing of "World of Color," stepping aboard the new Star Tours and taking in lunch at Club 33.

Oh!  While walking through the Park during our visit, I spotted a young woman wearing a "Jungle Is 101" t-shirt as I entered the Plaza from Adventureland.  "Hey!  Nice shirt!" I called out.  The young woman was with two of her friends and she looked at me.  "I'm MIKE, the Jungle is 101 blogger."  
"I'm Anne."
"ANNE!!  Nice to meet you!  Are you guys having fun?!  I'm here with my family."
Anne has been one of this blog's 4 (four) readers for quite some time now.
She was very nice and said she wears her Jungle is 101 shirt to the Park often.
It was an absolute treat to meet a reader in person.
Quite a rare event, since I figure I've got about a 4-in-8 billion chance (3-in-8-billion if you exclude my mom!) of actually meeting someone who reads this stuff.
Anne seemed remarkably cogent and normal for a "Jungle is 101" devotee!
Anne, it was very nice to meet you!

Now, where was I?
Ah, lunch at Club 33.
For you Disneyland-o-philes, Club 33 is something you have heard about many times.  I imagine a few of you have made it up there for lunch or dinner.
As for the few who have no idea what Club 33 is---here's a link.
We took in the Club for an 11:30 a.m. lunch.  
Here is a photo-essay of the visit.
The number of the club, the mysterious "33" is said to relate to Walt Disney having been a member of the Freemasons.  The 33rd degree of Freemasonry is the highest.  Here is a video tour of the Club. 
We arrive at the red main entry and board the elevator shown below (those are my daughters inside) for a lift to the second floor dining area.
My wife and I took the stairs.
At the top of the stairs, you can see into the Trophy Room.
To your left (but not shown) is an ornate leaded glass telephone booth that was a prop or set element from "The Happiest Millionaire."
The entire Club interior was designed by Emile Kuri---the famous Hollywood set designer who also has his own window on Main Street.
Here is the main dining room.
And here, the main corridor, with bar (right) and buffet.  The marble-topped table on the left was featured in Mary Poppins.  Cher-ooo!
The main upstairs entrance corridor.  Ahead and to your left is the ladies' restroom.
As you round the corner at the top of the stairs, the men's room is to your left.  In the photo below, you can see (at the left side) the side of the telephone booth mentioned above.
Here is the main entrance hall, looking back at it from the bar and buffet area.
Our table was in the southwestern corner of the main dining room.  We could step out onto the balcony there above New Orleans Square.  Here are a few views from the balcony.  Ahhhh. 
Below, we look down toward the main entrance of the French Market.  
Next time you are there, turn around and look back and up.  You will see our balcony there next to the magnolia tree and above the Cafe Orleans.  
Here is the balcony as seen from street level.
Here is a view from the eastern end of the balcony, looking down at the riverfront of New Orleans Square.
Fabulous artwork and a close up of some of the interior wallpaper.  Fresh flowers, but of course.
The delightful Club 33 Bloody Mary atop our table in the main dining room.
Now, some views from inside the Club and out onto New Orleans Square.  First, a peek down from the main corridor:
Next, the view out of the window at the top of the main entrance stairway (the phone booth is to the right, not shown).
Here is the view from the corridor where the buffet and bar are located.  We are looking out upon the entrance to the Blue Bayou.
Here is another view.
And this is a shot, taken from street level, of the window out of which the above photographs were taken (the white-trimmed window at the upper right side of the photograph).
 Another view of the main dining room.
Looking south toward the Court of the Angels (through that lanterned archway in the the distance) from our balcony along Orleans Street.

And here is the opposite view, looking from the intersection of Orleans and Royal Street back up toward our balcony (the one in the center-left of the photograph, next to the tall magnolia tree).
 A view of the riverfront side of the main dining room balcony (this is above the Cafe Orleans - note the blue and white umbrellas).
Looking out from the Court of Angels and up Orleans Street.
Finally, a shot of this blog's skipper luxuriating on the curb in front of City Hall, while waiting for the afternoon parade.  See?  I'm alive and well despite the severe lack of posts recently.
Until next time, I hope you've enjoyed this little photographic tour of Club 33, from inside and out.
My best to all of you---and thanks for checking in!