Friday, September 4, 2009

Disneyland - Main Street - First Ones In the Park

What is it like to be my child on a typical trip to Disneyland? Ask the girl in the picture above.
This is my daughter Madison entering the Park for Breakfast with Minnie around the time of her 5th birthday.
As you can see, Main Street is ours and ours alone. Sure, there were hundreds of people outside the Park lined up to get in...but we got in before them simply by calling in a reservation for breakfast at the Plaza Inn. Main Street is amazing whether crammed with guests or all by one's lonesome.
Being long time Disneyland insiders, our family is pretty darn spoiled. The kids have been everywhere from Club 33 to the Cast Member Christmas Party. Having annual passes for years didn't hurt. Knowing the traffic flow patterns helps tremendously.
We rarely wait in line for attractions, let's put it that way.
Anyhow, I thought you would enjoy a glimpse of Main Street as it appeared on a bright and early morning before the vast throng of guests had been admitted through the main gate.
We sure did.
We'll close today's action-packed post with photographic proof that, even on the Jungle Cruise, I wasn't ALWAYS the skipper.
Here's hoping that your next trip to the original Magic Kingdom is a great one!