Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Disneyland - Adventureland As It Was...some 1985 views

Today we start with a nice photograph of the Jungle Cruise dock at Disneyland as it appeared circa 1985-86. You can see the beautiful tree that shaded the exit dock and the eastern end of Tropical Imports. Those barrels you see held rubber snakes and spiders of all sizes. You could even buy cool little skulls. I don't think there was a plush toy to be found within Adventureland back then (unless some tyke trucked it in there via stroller).

If your heart twinges or aches just a touch when you see the striped canopy of the old Jungle boats in the background of the photo---then you and I should definitely sit down for a drink together someday because we understand each other, compadre.

Next I have a pretty poor quality photo that I copied from somewhere off the internet (and hereby beg forgiveness from the person who originally posted it---whom I will credit if I do learn their identity at some point).

In any event, this picture shows a panoramic view of Adventureland in the "Pre-Indy," "Pre-Tarzan" and "Pre-Aladdin" days of yore.

While it is pretty fuzzy, you see how much of the ground your eye can take in, even with the many guests strolling through? There was a bit more space in the walkways back then.

These days, with the new Jungle queue, Indy, Tarzan's Treehouse and the Aladdin thingy, Adventureland has become much more crowded and its main walkway much more narrow.

You can also make out the fuzzy form of the old Jungle Cruise entrance toward the center of the photograph. I miss the thatched palm fronds that made up the canopy over the old queue. When we used to make the announcement about the varieties of poisonous snakes in the rafters overhead---let's just say it was slightly more believable back then!

Here is a closer shot of the skulls that used to adorn the Jungle Cruise entrance:

You have to admit, there was more of a danger vibe on entering the queue in 1985 than say, today:

Oooooooh. Either we about to embark on a dangerous adventure into the sweltering jungle...or we've just stumbled across the entrance to the local "Pier 1 Imports" or "Banana Republic."

Note: neither Pier 1 nor Banana Republic sponsor or are in any way affiliated with "Jungle is 101." The appearance of the Pier 1 logo here is due to an error in the production process and will not be repeated.*

*(with apologies to "Monty Python's Flying Circus")

Stay cool, Adventure fans! We've got more junk to throw your way. Until then, always stay at least partially informed and try not to give in to overwhelming despair, even if you find yourself in Toontown on a hot day with a cranky five year old.

It's like Trader Sam always told me: "Mike, you've got to know when to keep your head and when to lose it."

Adieu, mon ami!