Thursday, May 2, 2024

16 Years and Still Around! - "Jungle is 101!"

Greetings, Jungle-teers!

It has been but a brief 16 years or so since this blog first left the dock.

Much has happened since then, no?

Happy to report this old skipper is still adventuring.  Actually headed to Walt Disney World in June.  Perhaps a post or two may arise from this sojourn to our sister Park(s) to the East.

I miss you all terribly, though the warm confines of the Jungle are always here for company. 

It is 2024, and we are 40 years out from the time when I first set foot on stage as a Cast Member.  If you scroll on back through the entries in this blog, you will get a good glimpse into the story.  Here's a link to one of the first entries: The Jungle Cruise - All Downhill From There

My thoughts today, as always, go out to my three (3) loyal readers -- bless each of you [Note: sadly, I lost Mom as a reader a while back, though she will ever live on in this old West-Sider's heart!].  Here's hoping that you are still reliving fond memories of the past while savoring the challenge and promise of the future.

I guess there must be a lot of imagination left in the world, because the Park sure has changed.  Hardly anything has been left untouched, from the Jungle, to the Rivers of America, to Main Street, to the Matterhorn - even the shadeless wonder that is Toontown.  Speaking of Toontown, an area that has been shellacked a time or two in this blog, I'll give them Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railroad as something "new" that is actually quite well done, from its queue all the way through to the end of the attraction.  I warn you not to picture the song, "Nothing Can Stop Us Now," in your mind's ear---oops!  Now you've done it haven't you?  I hope you enjoy listening to that little diddy for the next hour, as it is as hard to shed from one's brain as a Mekong tapeworm from your digestive tract.  Sorry for that, but to be fair, I just did it to myself, too.

Well, over here at "Jungle is 101," we'll have to move on at this point, because...Nothing Can Stop Us Now!

Keep backsiding into water, my friends!!