Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Disneyland - What Will You Celebrate?

I heard from a Cast Member that Disney has been putting on some informational seminars about next year's "What Will You Celebrate?" promotion. There has been quite a bit of interest in the offer to let you get into the Park for free on your birthday. Picking up where the "year of a million dreams" left off, next year will seek to turn Disneyland into a giant party. Guests will be invited to celebrate just about anything and everything.

The event comes at a time when it looks like the 2009 economy will be a gaping, smoking crater. Getting ANYTHING for free next year will sure sound good to a LOT of people, I'm sure.

You have probably heard about the promotion where Disney will pay for three days at WDW if you cover the first four. How's that for a promotion? Earlier this year, they offered to pay for our meal plan if we booked a Disney World trip. Have they gone insane? Disney, giving away money?

Something tells me we're in for a bumpy economic ride. Disney's offering steep discounts means we have all crossed over into the economic equivalent of The Twilight Zone. There's the signpost up ahead...