Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jungle Is 101 - "The Shirt" Is Now On E-Bay

Salutations, Jungle-teers! 
We are pleased to announce that we have overcome enormous odds, technical difficulties, thick bogs and an angry herd of water buffalo in order to list the official Jungle Is "101" t-shirt on E-Bay at long last.
This is in response to the surprisingly large demand we had for the shirts---even here in this remote hut in the shadow of Schweitzer falls.
Over a quarter of our devoted readers ordered shirts!!
If you are still interested, you can head over to E-Bay and place your bid or your order.  Here is a link to the listing, or you can type "Jungle Cruise T-shirt" in the E-Bay item search box and you should find it.
These rare t-shirts make excellent gifts, conversation pieces or awkward paperweights and are suitable for framing.
Show your pride as a Jungle Is "101" reader---you know who you are
Amaze your friends! 
Stun your enemies! 
Reduce your risk of malaria!
You'll love the looks, the grins and comments you'll get sporting this beautiful t-shirt on your next excursion to the Park.
Face it, if you read this blog you are already a Disneyland "insider," whether or not you've ever been a cast member.  The skippers and dockhands on Jungle will look at you quzzically and then knowingly when they spy the front of your shirt and the "Jungle is 101" announcement on the back!

This design even works for our friends who work the Jungle in that other Disney park in Florida! 
Skippers of the world unite!! 

Please note that Trader Sam is willing to give three (3) of his shirts in exchange for that part of your anatomy located just above the neck. 
So get to Trader Sam's Wholesale Clothing Hut today! 
It's an economical place to be headed!

Thus endeth today's blatantly commercial post.

Have a fabulous day, my friends, no matter what shirt you choose to wear!