Friday, August 20, 2010

Disneyland - Wally Boag

There is one experience I have had in life that I will forever cherish.
I saw Wally Boag perform at the Golden Horseshoe before he retired.
My family and I sat in the front row of tables and Wally came on stage as Pecos Bill.
He squirted us with his squirt gun and I will never forget how it seemed like he would spit out teeth FOREVER!
Wally was a part of the true Disneyland magic, and performed continuously in what remains one of the longest running live performance shows of all time!
He was a master of pantomime, sight gags AND fast talking one liners, all wrapped up into one person.
You can see glimpses of Wally on Youtube, so this is one memory of mine that we can all experience together! Of course, seeing him perform live was a treat that simply cannot translate through video, but you sure get the picture.
Wally, thanks for the laughs!