Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disneyland - More Cast Member Photos

Today I offer you, dear reader, a few more examples of why Disneyland cast members are able to survive at just above minimum wage. They make up for the lost income by having fun at work.

With Photos 1-3, we start over at the "wildest ride in the wilderness," where the Thunder crew from the 1980s bonded a little too closely with their attraction. (Thanks to Janet Mondragon for the wonderful photos!)

As you can see on the left (Photo 1), fossil fuels can be hazardous to you and your environment. (Note: it is incredibly difficult to get good reception on a land line with a severed phone cord).

At Photo 2, I let you in on a closely guarded Disney secret: this is how they get those funny colored rings to show up in the water of the Rainbow Caverns on Big Thunder. [Again, thanks Janet Mondragon!]

We close out our visit to Big Thunder with a nice group photo (thanks to Matt Smith) of a more recent Thunder crew enjoying "Dinosaur Gap" between trains. Those folks by the ribs better hang on to their hats and glasses when I.M. Brave comes flying around the bend.

At Photo 4, we dash across the Park to Fantasyland, where we find some Small World cast members from the 1990s making like Fredo and "swimming with the fishes." My thanks to Jolene Finn (Tafoya) for supplying this shot originally. Note that the Small World cast members were still wearing the old "gondola boy" costumes.

Allow me to mention at this point that Fantasyland costumes have gone WAY downhill since the 1970s and 80s. Don't believe me? Just check out the girls (and, nowadays, guys) over at the Storybookland Canal Boats. No more cute white stockings! Oh, the sadness and grief of loss.

Photo 5, also from Jolene Finn (Tafoya), shows Jolene at Alice in Wonderland about to issue a "First Warning" to a fellow cast member for a violation of Disney grooming policy.

I'll close out today with Photo 6 (lower right), which vividly reminds us of just how important it is to carefully select one's drinking buddies. Even though these guys could drink ANYONE under the table, their parties always seemed a little...I don't know...dead. Thanks to Ken Heilman for sharing this photo.

As for the rest of you, back to work! Quit goofing off on the Internet looking at other people goofing off! It's not productive.