Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jungle is "101" - The Shirt

Rumors were flying around the jungle during the past few weeks.
Sam heard them.
So did the Village People.
The leader of the Lost Expedition could sense it, looking down from high on his precarious perch.
Even a motley few sober and keen-eyed skippers (a truly rare breed) clued in.
Something is afoot.
Something's up.
There's something new in the wilds of Adventureland.
You can feel it when the birds and insects along the river suddenly silence their song.
When distant drums cease.
When the Amazon Belle lurches into idle and skulks along with the current.
When the crocodiles rise up to the surface and stare with glassy eyes.
When gazelles flick their ears and pivot their heads, searchingly sniffing the air for unseen approaching danger.
When the very breeze through the bamboo holds itself like a breath.

Guys, guys.

It's just me in a T-shirt!

Of course, it's a totally awesome, uniquely designed, very rare and exclusive T-shirt.
One, I might add, that only a select few may actually possess.
Woven of fine cotton by skilled native hands, this article of clothing is more like a second skin than merely a shirt.
Moreover, it is a status symbol here in the Jungle---or wherever it's worn, for that matter.
It says: "I'm an insider. I'm hip to the jungle scene."
It gives a wink to other insiders---we know who we are---while still sending a discernible message to the uninformed, the uninitiated.
Like all great art, it inspires and stirs within the viewer a call toward something larger than oneself; something ethereal, beautiful.
It calls attention to deep symbolism in the front, while announcing your allegiance to Jungle is "101" in the back.
And, it comes in variety of sizes and colors.

It is...

The Shirt.

Native tribal drum roll please...
Here is the front.
Above is a closer view of the front artwork and text.

And here is the back of the shirt.Finally, a closer view of the back.
You can tell by the high quality of the photographs that we are professionals around here.
Hey, you try silkscreening in 110% humidity, much less processing high quality color stills of T-shirts!
Lands' End we are not.

We're more "Humanity's End" or "Wits End," Sam says.