Friday, September 12, 2008

Disneyland - 1987 Video Flashback - Crazy Cast Member Photos

The beginning of today's post is slightly interactive: Click here for a quick video trip back to Disneyland 1987. Take a look at the Park in the video, especially Tomorrowland, and try and tell me that things have gotten better with age. Jungle thanks go out to the original poster of the video (whose name I could not easily locate on Truveo). I love finding these snippets on the web.

We then move on to the meat of our presentation: some shots that tell us why it is (or was) pretty cool to be a Disneyland cast member.

The following are collected and reposted here (with thanks to the original posters/suppliers).

First, a Great Moment with Mr. Lincoln, a guy from the Disneyland Railroad, and some Monorail escapees.
Second, we learn the powerful truth that Disneyland security will find out if you sneak liquor onto Tom Sawyer's Island----but only if you happen to fall asleep and catch your cabin on fire in the process. Special thanks to Joe Venegas, Jr. for this mid-80s photograph!Third, Sandi (Johnson) Miller---who worked at the Park FOR-ALMOST-EVER---provided this shot of the Pirates of the Caribbean crew from the summer of 1980. While it is true that Cast Member talk would occasionally drop to the level of "who-is-in-bed-with-whom," only rarely did we develop actual photographic proof. And you thought dead men told no tales.
Fourth, George Herold supplies further proof that our deceased Captain from Pirates apparently favors keeping his quarters crowded---when there aren't any scurvy scum guests around. This is from the late 1970s.
Finally, my thanks go out again to Sandi Miller for originally posting this 1981 Kodak Moment--- in which Dave Canfield finds out that he's still dry at the Pirates tavern (even though he'd been drinking there all day). I learned later that his drinking buddy had been on an early, 1980s version of the Adkins Diet---they were still working out some of the bugs. No bread. No meat. Just dusty wine. The good news was, you lost weight quickly and kept it off. The bad news---it was pretty darn permanent. Back to the drawing board.
Ahoy, Maties! These be the last friendly words you'll hear (at least for today's post---I'm shoving off for the tavern!).