Friday, January 11, 2013

Disneyland - CHOC Walk 2012 - Some On Stage and Backstage Shots

These photographs chronicle October 2012's CHOC Walk, with a focus on the backstage areas behind Critter Country, New Orleans Square and Adventureland.
We started the walk at DCA (in the pre-dawn hours as you can see) and ended up entering Disneyland at Main Street (after the sun came up), meandering through the Park to the backstage gate just past the exit of Splash Mountain (fifth photo from the top).
We walked past the new home of Outdoor Vending, the Westsider Grill (which has taken the place of "The Pit" down below Pirates as the eatery of choice for Cast Members on that side of the Park), the back side of the Pirates and Indiana Jones buildings, and ultimately out the gate located near the Picnic Area and Parking Lot Tram drop off.
There were high school bands and cheerleaders along the way, as well as smiling, waving Cast Members.
If you are looking at Disneyland from above, with the Main Entrance at the southern part of your "map," the backstage route took us along the west to southwest edge of the Park.
Thought you all might enjoy a view of "what's back there," since you don't often get a glimpse.
Have a great day, Jungleteers!