Sunday, December 25, 2011

Disneyland - Jungle Is "101" - A Christmas Greeting

Before the end of this blessed Christmas Day, allow me to extend a "Merry Christmas" to all of our Jungle is "101" friends, both inside and outside the Berm.
The holiday season and demands of the workplace have kept this old skipper hopping faster than he could type, so blog entries have been as scarce as an African albino pygmy gorilla.
Fret not, friends.
More stories, lore and blithering incoherency are on their way in the coming year.
Here's to 2012 and hoping the Mayans aren't right!
For now, during this season, a toast to all that is loving, kind, redemptive, patient, reproving, orderly, just, intelligent, good, perfect and perfectible.
A cup of joy to the whole race of our brothers and sisters across this small planet!
Peace be with each of you!

As for me, it's time for a dead head, so the throttle's forward, my cares are aft, the teeming Jungle awaits.
I'll be back around in about 10 minutes!
You just wait there patiently at the dock until my return.
Try not to crowd.
Don't all rush the queue at once.
There's room for everyone!
If not, we'll have the first group lie down and start in on the second layer.
Merry Christmas!!