Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disneyland - Mint Juleps, French Market And Jazz - New Orleans Square

If you have never experienced a mint julep drink from the little service counter at the back side of the French Market in New Orleans Square---I feel for you.

The drink is cool and green, and comes with a cherry or two.
I could try to describe the flavor to you.
But I would fail to do it justice.

For whatever reason, from my very first mint julep, I have loved them.

I seek them out on almost every trip to the Park.
I love the little counter where they are served.
I love the canopy that spreads out like a fan over the French Market dining area.
I love the little song stage there where Dixieland Jazz bands play.
I love this corner of New Orleans Square.

I miss deeply those warm summer evenings in the days before Fantasmic,
when the West Side would slow down,
when the candles on the tables would glow,
when the Mark Twain would round the bend,
resplendent with lighted decks,
and a when a jazz ensemble would play to the guests seated around their small stage.
You folks who "get it" know what I mean.

As for everyone else: sorry there's no "wayback machine" for us to jump into for a spin. Nevertheless, you can still get a mint julep.

At least that's a start.

And jazz bands still appear on that little stage.Take a moment the next time you're in New Orleans Square and there's a jazz band playing,
sit down at the French Market.

Sip a julep and take a listen.

I'll wager that you'll find it's good for the soul.