Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today we dig up an illustration of yesterday's "C-Ticket" reference to the Adventureland Shooting Gallery. I give you an actual photograph of the "Business End" of the gallery. Disney chained the guns down so that guests couldn't turn around and start picking off skippers over at the Jungle Cruise across the way. Those wood-stocked rifles were serious business. They felt good on the shoulder, but the BBs wouldn't always go where you were aimed them.

I miss the nonstop patter of BBs against the back wall and the sounds of the rifles discharging. There is no way this attraction could ever fly in today's Disneyland---too much maintenance, too many BBs, way too many chances for injuries from ricochets, too noisy and it would require more staffing.

Too bad, it sure fit Adventureland's theme!