Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disneyland - I Could Really Go For...

I could really go for...

...a hot cup of coffee at the Market House. of the old fashioned strawberry ice cream sodas at the old Carnation Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street.

...a Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge in the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World.

...a mint julep at the French Market counter in New Orleans Square.

...a long sit at the Hungry Bear, watching the river flow by.

...a warm, salted Pretzel at the Mile Long Bar in Bear Country. air conditioned showing of the Country Bear Jamboree.

...a ride in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain.

...a float from Tomorrowland, through the Matterhorn, and down into the Fantasyland station of the Skyway.

...a trip to the Park in 1967 (thanks, DisneyTim!). Adventure Through Inner Space (thanks Amity Productions!).


...a "Steamboat" from the River Belle Terrace.