Thursday, November 12, 2009

Disneyland - Jungle Cruise - 1983 - Arthur

Ah, the old Jungle queue and entrance. Thanks to old Skipper Ed Cunningham for originally sharing the shot below from 1983. You can see we were a different class of Jungle skippers back then---very well turned out, indeed. This group looks like they just got back from the Banana Ball and they haven't even left yet! By the way, dig the prototype for the new Small World boat at the bottom of the photo---this design never caught on for some reason.
In scrounging around trying to locate old photographs from back in the day, I found one showing "Arthur" on Main Street from 1983 or 84 (thanks to my old sweeper pal, Robin Mora, for originally sharing this picture). If you weren't around Disneyland when Arthur was a regular...well hopefully this will help you understand a little of what he was like.
Let us now raise our glasses...To Arthur!

To Arthur!

Here! Here!