Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disneyland - Another "Hidden" Restroom

Early in this blog's short life, I made mention of one of Disneyland's least known and visited restrooms.

Today, we offer another lesser known restroom location---often missed or passed by guests (even lifetime Disneyland park goers).

Where, you ask?

Main Street.

Town Square.

East side.

Southern end.

The restrooms are situated at the northern edge of a little corridor tucked between the souvenir stand and the old Bank of America (now the new Disney Gallery).

As you enter the park through the east tunnel (uh, the one on the right as you come in), exit the tunnel and hang a right just past the souvenir stand.

The little alleyway there leads to restrooms (on your left). Towering above you to your right is the famous "berm" that surrounds the Park. You can get a pretty up close and personal look at the berm from this spot (or take a ride over it by jumping on the Disneyland Railroad). This alley also has a Cast Member entrance/exit to the backstage area.

Incidentally, for those who love to know these things, when you walk backstage at this location you pass some lockers on your right. Ahead of you is the old administration building. Housed there today are places like Custodial's offices, Security and, at the far east end of the building, the Zoo Crew---where Disney characters spruce up before heading out on stage.

To your left as you walk through the area is the back side of Lincoln theater. At the northern end of this building is the Disneyland Fire Department (a real working fire station).

Keep walking north and you'll see way up in the distance the Inn Between. To your left you will pass the large parade gate that allows floats, bands, dancers, etc. to access Main Street just above the Mad Hatter. Here's a photograph of the area I am describing for you.

This is taken from the Administration Building facing to the west. You can see the back of the Lincoln theater to the left side of the photograph---with the Disneyland Fire Department station decked out in red. Over the roof of the theater building you can see the top of City Hall (to give you some perspective).

The large tree in the top central area of the photograph is near the parade gate that exits onto Main Street.

During extremely busy days, guests are actually herded through this backstage location (egads!), so some of you folks may have walked through here even if you never wore a Mickey Mouse nametag.

Anyway, next time you need a restroom on Town Square---don't follow the crowd to the ones located between City Hall and the Fire Station--
-get "in the know" and coyly slide over to the east side, down the alley I described for you above.

(Don't let anyone see you! It'll be our little secret!)

And now folks, as we approach the dock, please keep your hands and arms inside the boat.

When we come to a full and complete stop, I'm going to ask you to rise like bread, no loafing about

I'm sorry for muffin these stale and crumby jokes,

but it’s the yeast I can do on the dough I make.

Now I don't want you going off half-baked or getting fried because you think I'm flaky.

I’ll try and do butter next time.

You’re probably wondering, where does he get that rye sense of humor?

Actually, I got it from my parents.

My father was Danish.

My mom French.

They both came from upper crust families and, when they got married,

They were the toast of the town!

Sorry folks, no matter how you slice it, this routine's ingredients make it a recipe for disaster.

I apologize for any mix ups and didn't mean to cause a stir.

I milk these jokes for all they're worth and hope that they will flower.

But I usually end up beaten and battered,

with egg on my face.

So I take it all with a grain of salt.

After all, this job is no cakewalk! Let me tell you.

But I can't let that frost me...

Because I really need the dough.

Don't stop me now,

I'm on a ROLL.

Hey, it looks like we've gotta jam now, so…

…put a fork in us---we're done!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip! I love learning about hidden details that are only known by select few. Like this bathroom which is now known by at least 4 people. No, make that 9 :) I think you have a lot more readers than you realize! Your blog is great and I can't wait for future posts!


Anonymous said...

Drat. There goes another secret out to the public. Always made that the first stop in the park. Been a long time since I've seen this back area. What strikes me are the additional temporary structures in the background. Worked at Hill's Brothers years ago. Mike, the building in the lower right corner of the it still the DRC?

Connie Moreno said...

LOL, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that bathroom is always least the ladies' bathroom is! I miss the tiny two stall bathroom that used to be behind the gazebo on the opposite side of Main Street. Unfortunately, they closed it several years ago. Now THAT one was a well kept secret!

Anne said...

ah food jokes :3
thanks for the tip I will be sure to check out this restroom next time :)

Unknown said...

What about a picture of the alleyway?

Great post!!!

Mike said...


You are so nice. We aren't related are we? Did my mother put you up to this? Seriously, glad to pass on any tidbit I can come up with. Keep checking in!



The building in the lower right now houses the cast member education and training center. It has a room full of computers where cast members do online training courses. It also houses some offices in the back of the building.
Boy, I miss the old Hills Bros. Coffee House! Town Square could use a food service location again, in my humble estimation.



Hey, this is modern Disneyland---there's NO uncrowded restroom, especially for women! You can always try the one on Tom Sawyer's Island (across the river from the Mark Twain landing). I am making no guarantees! Of course, Club 33 has a literal throne for the ladies and it is not terribly crowded, but you have to know a member!

I miss the restroom on the porch of the Plaza Pavillion, too!

Thanks for sharing!



The "rise like bread routine" was one of my favorites! Oh the groans I would get! And then it would keep going and building! Actually got a standing ovation every time I did it. Of course, we were at unload, so everyone had to stand up anyway!



I will try to shoot a picture next time I'm at the Park! If you can find a shot of the old Bank of America building, look to the right or southern end of the building. Love your blog! I hope all four (4) Jungle readers will stop by and check out Imaginerding (see my sidebar).


Shan said...

Log time lurker, but I had to comment on this one. Sorry it may get long!

The very first time I went to Disneyland, this was the first thing we did once we passed through the turnstiles. It was 2005 and I was living with my sister at the time, taking care of my 8 month old neice while she and her husband served in the Navy at the San Diego base.

My sister, my neice and I had just made the journey up from San Diego for the weekend, and after all that wonderful So Cal traffic, we needed to use the restrooms something fierce. My sister being in the know by having visited the Land before me, escorted me over to the very bathrooms you describe.

We were loitering in the area, tucking things away in the stroller getting ready for my first view of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, when Aurora herself walked by from backstage. I wish I could describe the moment for you. Here I was, former WDW Character cast member, my very first moments in the park, and my favorite character walked right in front of me. I could have tripped her, or tuched her hair I was so close! (I didn't, of course) I was so overwhelmed by the pure Disneyness of it all, that my sister and I just looked at eachother and teared up for a few moments. It was an embarrasingly wonderful magic moment, and I'll never forget that spot, in front of the bathroom, where a simple moment became Disneyland magic.

Sorry that was lengthy. I love the blog, adn thank you for the post!

Mike said...


Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I know how you feel. Even a grizzled old Jungle skipper and Disneyland veteran like me has had such a moment. For me, it was when my little blonde 5 year old daughter got to meet Mary Poppins and Bert in front of the Plaza Pavillion on a slow day. No one else was around and when Mary knelt down and hugged my daughter and SANG to her, it was almost too much for this old Irish heart to bear! These are the moments that make the Park magical. As a former character cast member, I am sure you know this!

I love it when people post! Don't get me wrong, lurkers are welcome, too! But posters make this a two-way exchange, making it more worthwhile for all of us involved.


giddy girlie said...

On average, the least crowded inside Disneyland are the restrooms under the Hungry Bear restaurant (in my experience, anyway).

The cleanest and best kept? The restrooms next to Guest Services, to the left of California Adventure's entrance (outside the park, near the public bus drop-off area). Or else the restrooms inside the Grand Californian, behind the bar. Rarely used, so they're private and in impeccable condition.

The one I'd like to try (for fangirl's sake) is the one inside the Haunted Mansion! :) I've debated sneaking in - what's the worst that could happen?

The ladies toilets in Club 33 are interesting to look at but awkward. The stalls are small and the toilets are large and square. I'm petite, so maybe that is my issue...

Mouseplanet has a guide to the "Happiest Potties on Earth" but I think it's outdated now. Good info for when you need to go! ;)

JG said...

Only Disney fans can get sentimental over their favorite restrooms. I guess thats why I feel that I fit in here.

Thanks Mike.


Anonymous said...

Dad, used the bread jokes for the Voice Magazine today. I think they will have everyone "Crumbling" on their knees with laughter!
--Cait :)