Monday, October 18, 2010

Disneyland - The "Off the Beaten Path" Town Square Restroom revisited

In an earlier post I discussed a lesser known restroom location on Main Street and several of our readers requested photographs.

We aim to please. Click on these photographs to see them larger.

No. 1 to our right shows the little alleyway located just past the souvenir stand at the eastern tunnel entrance to Main Street's Town Square.

No. 2 shows the restroom and ATM signage at this location.

No. 3 is a shot of the alleyway (and the Men's restroom door), looking from east to west back toward Town Square.

I mentioned you could get pretty close to the famous Disneyland "Berm" at this location. You can see the base of the berm behind the railing on the left hand side of Photo No. 3.

Photograph No. 4 gives you a close up view of the berm---looking southeast from Town Square and back toward the Disneyland Kennel Club and the exit of the Primeval World tunnel of the Disneyland Railroad.

No. 5 shows a close up of the sign about halfway down this little alley, directing you to additional facilities across Town Square near City Hall.

Finally, No. 6 shows the Cast Member entrance/exit and old fashioned pay telephones located at the eastern end of the alley. Lots of Main Gate, Disneyland Railroad, Guided Tour, Mr. Lincoln and Emporium Cast Members use this as their pathway from backstage to their onstage locations.


JG said...

All these years in the park, and I never knew these existed.

Several times, with children, made an uncomfortable dash down to the cross street to the only Main Street location I knew about...ha.

The more you know...



Connie Moreno said...

One day I was taking shots in this very area and a man came out of the bathroom while I was focusing on the ornate light fixture above the door....he gave me the strangest look, LOL!

Suz Broughton said...

I love info like this! Especially as a mom. I take my kids to the "secret" restroom on the side of Carnation Plaza. When I wrote about it, I got a lot of people upset because it won't be "secret" anymore. But I say share the bathroom love :)