Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disneyland - More Shots Of The Park, From Mike's Perspective

Recognize the lovely "D" above?
It's been there a while.
Where in Disneyland would you find this, Waldo?
It should be an easy question for true Park aficionados like yourselves.
Here's a hint:
Take a close look at the world famous Plaza Gardens bandstand stage above and you'll find your answer.

Let us speak again of Disneyland's byways...
...those paths less traveled.
A favorite one almost any time (but especially when Fantasmic lets out), is pictured below.The north entrance/exit to Frontierland is one of those places to go when you want to escape the crush of the crowd for a few moments.
Stepping through this gate you are on the little shady walkway that leads between the Frontierland moat, to the right, and Carnation Plaza Gardens, to the left.
And now, a closer view. (Be sure to click on these photographs, by the way, they get pretty large when you do).
Here is the same walkway looking from the Plaza Gardens side back into Frontierland.Ahh.

By the way, the Park looks fabulous all decked out for "Halloween Time."
The main entrance gives but a small hint of the fall-colored splendor inside.
And just like at that Disneyland blue sky! This is the week to go if you get a chance.
Temperatures are supposed to be in the 60s and 70s.
Do not expect slow days however.
Yesterday, both Disneyland and California Mis-Adventure were pretty busy.
You will definitely get a chance to spot costumes at the Park, as it is closing down at 7:00 p.m. on some Halloween-Time evenings in order to allow a special family event with trick-or-treating and kids and parents all decked out.
We saw a tiny, five-ish Bo Peep with a pack of five adults, all dressed as her sheep.
The dad of the group was dressed as the black sheep---go figure.
We also saw a group of Peter Pan fans---with a large man squeezed into a perfect Tinker Bell costume and another filling out Wendy's nightgown, while the women of the group took on the roles of Peter, Michael and John.
Also saw a pretty good young adult group dressed up convincingly as John and the Lost Boys.
You can catch them all during the next few weeks.

Next, here is a twilight shot of a certain pachyderm aerialist and his good friend Timothy
Not far from Timothy and Dumbo, the King Arthur Carousel sparkles like a crown jewel.
And, to revisit an earlier post of mine, here are a couple photographs of the Emporium mall exit at 102 West Center Street on Main Street---betcha never knew the address!
Here is the great, glass awning afire with its new-fangled, electric incandescent bulbs.
Well, there's the second cheat post of the week!
Sometimes you just have to throw the guests in the boat and hit the throttle.

Turn around and wave good-bye to all the beautiful people back on the dock!
(Now wave to your boat loaders, you know---they have feelings, too).



Skipper Brian said...

Hey Mike, a lurker here. Was that you I saw in the black "Jungle is 101" shirt" at the back of my boat?

Anne said...

You have shirts!? I want one! HAhah.
Well I will be attending the Halloween Party on the 29th, and the costumes sound really great. I'm going as Constance Hatchaway, the Black Widow Bride from the Haunted Mansion.
I'm having a disneyland withdrawal from my studies. I need to get there soon!!

Amber said...

I just got back from my trip to the parks last Thurs/Fri. I was Snow White and my friend was Briar Rose. We had an excellent time! Rode the Cruise and got Skipper Lucas, who was great! Stood along the fence at Indy's exit and became part of a spiel about "bipedal species" :) like you said!
I would definitely want a "Jungle is 101" t-shirt!

Connie Moreno said...

Wonderful photos! And you have shirts?????

Mike said...

Skipper Brian:

The shirt was navy blue and it may very well have been me! Nice job, by the way. I know we had a bit of a "dead" boat, but you did a good spiel---even used the old, "stop-the-boat-and-tell-the-attacking-natives-to-squat-back-down-right-when-the-animation-sequence-ends-so-it-looks-like-they-are-taking-orders-from-the-skipper" routine. Works like a charm, every time.

Anne, Amber and Connie:

Yes: Jungle is "101" has an official t-shirt---it's an old Disney Cast Member tradition after all. I'll post about it soon---like maybe tomorrow.

Thank you all for being part of this blog!! We make a great team, I must say. Canoe races, anyone?


JG said...

No racing for me, i'm up the creek without a paddle.


Skipper Brian said...

Thanks for the compliment Mike! I can't fully blame the boat that time though - I wasn't fully on the ball myself that trip. With any luck the next time you end up tossed into my boat you'll catch me at my best instead.

I love stopping the boat at the natives. It is truely one of my favorite parts of the spiel when I pull it off *just* right.

I'm totally up for canoe races. I missed them this year.