Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disneyland - I could really go for...

Right about now, I could really go for:

  • a mid-theater seat on the comfy benches of the Country Bear Jamboree, waiting for the show to start;
  • a stroll through Harbor House to grab my time card on my way under the trestle to Wardrobe;
  • a hot Monte Cristo sandwich at Carnation on Main Street;
  • an elephant ride (make it an African Bull, and be sure to wave at the Jungle boats as they drift by);
  • my old (metal) pan and broom at my side and a Main Street opening shift;
  • a leisurely wander through the old One-of-a-Kind shop in New Orleans Square (just looking!);
  • some Plaza Inn pot roast;
  • a tram ride through the 100-acre parking lot to the Main Entrance drop off area, with a tram-ful of eager guests;
  • craning my neck and scanning the area for whoever just sounded a "Sweeper's Whistle" in my direction;
  • a view of Cascade Peak and Big Thunder Falls from the top deck of the Mark Twain;
  • fifty cents and a Shootin' Arcade rifle;
  • a stick to wake up Jose (the bird, not the busser who used to work nights at the Cafe Orleans);
  • an early morning canoe race (cast members only, sorry);
  • a squeaky Donald Duck hat (not for me, for the kids)...okay, I'll try it, but just one or two squeaks...;
  • a pre-opening walk-through of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad;
  • checking the schedule in the old Custodial offices behind Plaza Gardens (ahh, good ol' Dept. 336!);
  • a refreshing dip in the Submarine Lagoon (it always looks so inviting);
  • a walk past the lightning-filled windows and spooky paintings in corridor of the Haunted Mansion just past the elevator doors;
  • a bench on the Hub; and
  • a whole day ahead of me at the Park.
How about you?

Stay thirsty my friends!!



Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I could really go for a...
*Mickey bar and a Toll House Cookie Sandwich (this diet is killing me today)
*Rain storm inside the Tiki Room
*Awesome Halloween Firework show on a warm fall evening
*Big juicy Surf N' Turf from the Blue I said this diet is killing me today
*Sniff of Main Street
*Brisk walk down main street on a crisp morning on my way to Space Mountain just as the park opens
*Corn dog from the Little Red Wagon corn dog cart (again the diet...)

Aww to be in the Happiest Place on Earth today and not sitting behind this desk "working"

Cyberdillo said...

As an ex-sweeper myself I can relate to the opening shift, however mine was Tomorrowland, the metal pan and broom, the Sweeper's Whistle and the Custodial offices(it was dept. 751 when I was there). Long gone are the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Picking up the S&W .36 for the Irrawaddy Woman at opening and putting the initial 6 blanks in the cylinders.

Wiping off the morning dew from the cushions, untying the boat from the cleats and firing up the gasoline engine.

Taking the initial deadhead of the day to check the animation.

Oh I could go on....but I am at work! Great memories.

Anonymous said...

Oh those memories are fleeting. That S&W was a .38!


Tim Kulinski said...

I could go for:

Sitting at the dock at Jungle just before the main spiel goes off.

Taking a sub out early morning to do a Animation check.

Walking the track of Thunder and watching the sun come up from the top of B Lift.

Taking the Columbia out of Fowlers Harbor for the first trip of the Morning.

Eating free Dole Whips inside the Office of Tiki Room.

Being the last boat to go out on Jungle at night.

Standing at the gates of Frontierland and watching Rope Drop.

Inn Between Hot Turkey Sandwhich!

In lees than a month being back in the park for two days!

THE Disneyland Mom said...

This sounds perfect! I could also go for:
-a phone room shift that allows me to listen to the jungle natives for 8 hours straight.
-Inn Between French toast
-sneaking up to Walt's apt. to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade
-my friend Earl's "special, secret" tour of Mansion...while the park's open.
-spending my lunch break in the One of a Kind...and purchasing...not just looking. BTW, I have a number of the antiques from the store in my home. I treasure them and taped their price tags on so they would never come off.