Friday, December 24, 2010

Disneyland - Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to all our devoted readers.  The four (4) of you have made 2010 a fabulous year here in the Jungle.

To all my friends working in the Park this Christmas Eve, spread joy and hang in there!  I know it is crowded there today, but it is generally a happy crowd, filled with folks who have given themselves the gift of a special day at Disneyland.  Do your best to help them enjoy their visit!

My last Christmas Eve at the Park was in 2008.  It sure doesn't seem like two years. 
Of course, for followers of this blog, it must seem like two years since I last posted.  I'm tellin' ya, this Holiday Season of Thanksgiving and Christmas has kept me busy---but I've neglected my friends here.  For this, I beg of you patience and forgiveness.

I remember I worked a parade shift on Christmas Eve, bundled up in a warm Disney-issue pea coat, with flashlight and cone in hand.  "Merry Christmas! And stay to your right!  This is a walkway only!"

Raise a cup of cheer wherever you may be this blessed evening!  May the warmth and joy of this Holy season touch you, no matter the path you are traveling.

Pax vobiscum!



Jonathan said...

The most beutiful time at the park. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for all your reflections of the greatest place on earth!

Anne said...

Merry Christmas Mike, and to all of you four followers. Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

#4 here. And a Happy Holiday to you and yours. My Christmas duty could be in the cold or heat...depending upon the Santa Ana's.

Okie said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks for your brings a bit of Disney lovin' into my home all year round. :)

Connie Moreno said...

Wow, for some reason, I didn't get your update on my Google Reader :-(

Well I hope you had a great Christmas and guess what? I was working the same time you were! I remember I got to go on my break at 11:55 on New Year's Eve...I walked out to Main Street and stood by the tree for the countdown to midnight. Even though I had spent many New Year's Eves at Disneyland, experiencing it as a castmember and on break...It was magical!!!

JG said...

Thank you. Wish you well.